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Orange arrow When do I need to send an Adverse Action Letter to my applicant?

  The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and Fair housing laws require all landlords to send a notice of adverse action for any application they decline for rental, or any application that is conditionally approved that requires additional consideration, such as a cosigner or extra deposit. An adverse ...
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Orange arrow Can I use unique rental criteria for each property address in my account?

  Different rental properties may need different rental criteria. Each property has different needs depending on factors such as rent and deposit amounts. You have the option to customize rental criteria for each property address. You can choose to use the general rental criteria set up for your acc...
Orange arrow How should I handle tenants with service and assistive animals?

  Fair Housing requirements in relation to service and assistive animals create a lot of questions for landlords. Attorney Matt Koglmeier helps you understand the importance of engaging in the interactive process with your tenants and guides you on what you should and should not ask when it comes to ...
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