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Orange arrow Why is rental criteria important? Should I document my rental criteria in my Rent Perfect account?

  Setting Rental Criteria Having the proper criteria for your rental properties makes all of the difference. Setting criteria will help you stay compliant with Fair Housing Laws, help keep the application process a business relationship, and will assist you in keeping track of what kind of applicant...
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Orange arrow How do I add a rental property address into my account?

  Adding individual rental property information into your account is easy. First, go to the home screen of your account and click, "My Property." Next, click "Add Property," or click on a current property name to edit an existing property. Now enter the required property information se...
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Orange arrow Do my applicants need to know my rental criteria before applying for my property? How can I send my criteria to my applicants?

  You have the option to send a copy of your rental criteria settings sheet as an attachment with the application invite email that is sent to your rental applicants. Attaching your criteria to your online invite allows your applicant to see what criteria they must meet in order to qualify for your r...
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Orange arrow Can I add unique rental criteria for each property address I add into my account?

  Different rental properties will often have different rental criteria as well. Some properties may have more lenient criteria and others more strict. You have the option to customize rental criteria for each property address added into the system. When adding a property address you can choose to u...
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