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Orange arrow During the CDC eviction moratorium what else can I do to get my money? My tenant has not paid for 6 months; if I don't get some money soon I will have to sell.

  Host David Pickron discusses how during a time of no evictions, collections can be your ultimate solution. Guest Don Darnell from US Collections West adds his professional expertise and insight to this timely conversation. Contact Don at or call 602- 995-3494...
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Orange arrow How can I encourage my tenant to make paying rent top priority?

  Rent Perfect's very own Heather Johnson and David Pickron discuss why doing monthly inspections on your rental properties is more important than ever. Timely tips on what to look for will help you be a better landlord and protect your investment....
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Orange arrow How can I track down and collect money owed from a previous tenant?

  When a tenant skips out on you, you can send them to collections, but you have to find them first. Guest Don Darnell with US Collections West explains how proper collections and utilizing the art of skip tracing, beginning with clauses in your lease, can help you get more of the money you are owed....
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Orange arrow How does Marijuana Legalization affect my rental properties?

  Host David Pickron discusses the impact of legalized recreational marijuana use in rental properties with Attorney Mark Zinman. It's critical to remember that this is your property, and your policies are what will protect you from abuse by your tenants....
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Orange arrow How can landlords prepare for the end of the Eviction Moratorium?

  How can landlords prepare for the inevitable end to the eviction moratorium? Check out the Rent Perfect podcast where our expert hosts discuss 3 scenarios to consider and prepare for....
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Orange arrow What's so great about being a landlord?

  Why become a landlord? Sure, the rent checks are great, but there is more to it than that. Join host David Pickron and fellow investor Tim Abner from National REIA on the Rent Perfect podcast as they discuss the scope of how being a landlord pays off....
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Orange arrow Who cares if a tenant loves the property? Isn't getting rent good enough?

  🏠💲 Does a tenants love/appreciation of a property really contribute to a landlord's failure or success? 🏠Absolutely!! Find out why on this week's episode of the Rent Perfect podcast! 🎥Find us on YouTube, Google or Apple Podcasts! Watch below....
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Orange arrow Should Landlords Consider Accepting Government Assisted Housing Vouchers?

  Accomplished Property Manager Jake Beeson sits down with David to discuss the pros and cons of opening rental property to Section 8 housing choice voucher holders. Learn why low-income housing doesn't deserve a negative reputation and how having reliable rental income assistance from the government...
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Orange arrow How can I ride the ups and downs of being an investor and landlord?

  Being a successful investor requires more than luck; understanding and anticipating investing waves is the key to positioning yourself for success. Learn about positioning yourself to be ready to move quickly when the time is right....
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Orange arrow How can landlords survive new regulations affecting their business?

  More and more, all levels of government are taking away the tools that landlords have depended on for years to help find the right tenant for their property. Host David Pickron gives landlords some valuable takeaways in their effort to Rent Perfect, including the one tool that will help you find th...
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Orange arrow How can neighbors help protect my investment?

  As a landlord, having more eyes and ears looking out for your property can only help protect its value. Rent Perfect President David Pickron teaches you why knowing the neighbors of your rental properties gives you the upper hand in better managing and protecting your asset. Rent Perfect helps land...
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Orange arrow Howshould landlords prepare for the end of the eviction moratorium?

  Learn 5 important steps to prepare for the inevitable end of the CDC Eviction Moratorium on this episode of the Rent Perfect podcast with host David Pickron and Attorney Mark Zinman....
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Orange arrow Arranging maintenance calls and vendor work orders for my rental property is a pain. How can Rent Perfect help?

  Rental expert David Pickron explains why your vendor relationships are critical to your success and explains how Rent Perfect is developing a new system that helps you easily manage vendor work orders. Rent Perfect helps landlords onboard tenants with ease from the initial background check t...
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Orange arrow How can Rent Perfect help Cook County Landlords stay compliant with new legislation?

  David Pickron, investor and expert in the rental industry, joins with Heather Johnson from Rent Perfect to educate landlords on being compliant with the latest changes to tenant backgrounds in Cook County, Illinois. Learn how Rent Perfect has designed a system that will keep you compliant and still...
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Orange arrow How can I handle and resolve tenant conflicts successfully?

  Any landlord will tell you that no matter the tenant, there will always be some type of conflict. David Pickron and guest Scot Aubrey discuss how using the "LEARN" acronym is an easy and effective way to defuse even the most tense situations....
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