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Orange arrow Can my tenant set up automatic monthly payments to me through Rent Pay?

  Yes, tenants can set up recurring rent payments. There is a small $3.95 convenience fee per payment. Tenants can follow these steps to setup recurring payments: Login at and click "Rent Pay." Under payment schedules click "Pay Now." Under mode of payment select "Setu...
Orange arrow What are the processing fees for online rent payments?

  Enrolling in online rent pay is free for the landlord. Tenant's will setup their bank account information to make a payment and pay a small $3.95 convenience fee for each ACH payment. Credit card payments are unavailable at this time....
Orange arrow How do I look up rent pay transactions in my account?

  Follow these steps to look up Rent Pay transaction history in your account. 1. Click "My Rent Pay" on the home screen of your account. 2. Cick "Payment History" at the top of the screen. 3. Click "Advanced Search" to adjust the filter settings if necessary and click "search." Rent paym...
Orange arrow How do I create a rent pay account as a tenant?

  Are you ready to pay your rent the easy way? Ask your landlord about Online Rent Pay at Your landlord will send you an invite to create a free Rent Pay account to pay your rent online with your bank account. Once you receive your Rent Pay Invite, follow these steps to create ...
Orange arrow What proof do I need to upload to setup my bank account for online payments?

  Please upload one of the following items to setup your bank account. You can take a picture or screen shot that shows a minumum of the last 4 numbers of your account. Copy of a voided or canceled check with your name. Copy of a bank statement with the account number and your name. Screen shot ...
Orange arrow How do I make a rent payment online through my Rent Perfect account?

  Paying rent online with your bank account is quick and easy! Contact your landlord to request online payments! Positive rent payments are reported to the credit bureau so you'll even get credit for being a responsible tenant! There is a low, convenience fee of just $3.95 per payment. It sure b...
Orange arrow How do I enroll in RentPay to receive payments online?

  Eliminate any hurdles for paying rent by offering your tenants the convenience of online rent payments. Recurring payment options Automatic payment reminders Automatic late fee charges $10 a month for landlords, unlimited properties.(per bank account setup to receive payments.) $3.95 conve...
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