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Orange arrow How do I add a rental property address into my account?

  Adding individual rental property information into your account is easy. First, go to the home screen of your account and click, "My Property." Next, click "Add Property," or click on a current property name to edit an existing property. Now enter the required property information se...
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Orange arrow Can Rent Perfect help notify my tenants if I require renters insurance?

  An easy way to protect your investment property is to require your tenants to purchase a Liability Renters Insurance policy. You have the ability to set up automatic email notifications to your tenants regarding your renters insurance requirements. To activate the notifications you will need to mar...
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Orange arrow How do I assign a property address to my tenant?

  You can assign a property address to the tenant at the time you send an application invite or you can assign a property address after they complete the online application. When sending an invite, select the property address from the dropdown menu. You can change the property later if needed. c...
Orange arrow Why aren't my properties showing up in the property drop down menus in my account?

  If a property address is not showing up in the dropdown menus in your account chances are the property has been marked as "Unavailable" in the property settings. Follow these steps to check if your property is set to unavailable: 1. First, click "My Property" and then select the property you wis...

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