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How to Add a Rental Property Address to Your Rent Perfect Account

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How do I add a rental property address into my account?


Adding individual rental property information into the system is easy. Go to the home page and click, "Add Property."



1. ENTER PROPERTY INFORMATION For "Property Name" you can put the street address or any nickname you have for the property. Next, enter the property address and contact information.

2. CHECK RENTERS INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS In order to protect your investment we highly recommend requiring your tenants to purchase a liability renters insurance policy.  By checking the "renters insurance required" box, your applicants will be notified in their tenant portal that you require renters insurance.  They will be given a link where they can purchase a discount policy through their account with premiums starting under $5 per month, offered by a preferred partner of Rent Perfect.

3. CUSTOMIZE CRITERIA FOR THE PROPERTY For each property added you can select to use the default rental criteria in your account or you can customize rental criteria for each property address. Check the box if you would like your rental criteria sent as a PDF attachment in the online rental application invite email we send to your applicants.

4. SELECT A LEASE FOR THE PROPERTY AND CREATE LEASE SETTINGS If you plan to prepare a lease for this property, you will also need to check the box to add the lease agreement settings. You can choose to use the Rent Perfect standard lease or click the button to create your own custom lease template. If you have already created a lease you can select the lease from the dropdown menu.

You can always update the property address information for criteria or lease term settings later if needed. When you are done, always remember to click save. To edit or delete a property, click “edit” and select which property you would like to edit or remove.




First, use the dropdwn menu to select which lease template the property will use.

You can use the standard Rent Perfect lease template or create a custom lease of your own.





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