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Orange arrow How do I view and print a copy of the lease agreement?

  HOW TO VIEW AND PRINT COPIES OF THE LEASE You have the ability to view a copy of the lease before and after you send the lease to your tenant for signature. The lease will have a “Preview Copy” watermark over it until it is signed. This way you can review the lease and make any cha...
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Orange arrow There are some things I want to change in the Standard lease template. How do I create my own custom lease template?

  A lease template is an outline that saves standard, pre-populated lease terms that typically stay the same for every lease. You will provide unique lease details such as dates, rent amount, and deposit amounts using the “Prepare Lease” option in your account once a tenant is approved. R...
Orange arrow Where does my tenant view and sign the lease agreement?

  Article // // Once the landlord sends a lease signing notification the tenant will receive an email letting them know the lease is available to view and sign. The tenant will log into their Rent Perfect tenant portal to view and sign the lease agreement by typing their ...

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