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Orange arrow Does Rent Perfect's RentPay system offer a recurring payment option?

  Yes, tenants can set up recurring rent payments. There is a small $3.95 convenience fee per payment. Tenants can follow these steps to setup recurring payments: Login at and click "RentPay." Under payment schedules click "Pay Now." Under mode of payment select "Setup...
Orange arrow What questions are on the standard online application my applicants will fill out? Can I add additional questions?

  Standard Required Questions To manage your rental application click "My Application" on the home screen of your Rent Perfect account. The most common questions found on most rental applications are already included on the application, such as personal identifying information, income details, resid...
Orange arrow Why is rental criteria important? Should I document my rental criteria in my Rent Perfect account?

  Setting Rental Criteria Having the proper rental criteria allows you to expertly manage your properties. Setting criteria will help you stay compliant with Fair Housing Laws and help keep the application process a business relationship. All investigations will receive a recommendation based on the...
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Orange arrow Can Rent Perfect help notify my tenants if I require renters insurance?

  An easy way to protect your investment property is to require your tenants to purchase a Liability Renters Insurance policy. You have the ability to set up automatic email notifications to your tenants regarding your renters insurance requirements. To activate the notifications you will need to mar...
Orange arrow Where can I view a record of the invites emails I have sent my applicants?

  You can view a list of all the invite emails you have sent to your applicants for the past 30 days and check the status of the invite. To do so go to the "Order Background Screening" tab and click the blue link that says "Invite History." Hold your mouse over the "i" icon in the top left corner t...
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Orange arrow How do I prepare a lease agreement for a tenant?

  How to Prepare a Rent Perfect Lease Agreement Before you can prepare a lease follow these steps: 1. Click "My Property" to add a property address to your account. Click "Yes" when asked if you will prepare a lease for the property. 2. Invite a prospective tenant to complete the online applic...
Orange arrow What if my applicant does not have an email address?

  If your applicant does not have an e-mail address, you can send their invite to your own e-mail address and have them fill out the online application from your own computer, tablet, or any internet connected device. The applicant can also use a family member or spouse’s e-mail address....
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Orange arrow What if my applicant did not receive the invite email?

  With so many emails bombarding our inboxes these days it is easy for an invite email to get lost in the noise. Send a new invite and include a mobile phone number; the applicant will receive a text message with the application link. Including a mobile number is the best way to ensure your applicant...
Orange arrow What if my applicant already completed a paper application?

  No problem. Just let the applicant know the next step in the application process will be to order their credit and background reports online. They will complete the basic online application which will allow them to accept the terms of use to share their credit and background reports with you. Let ...
Orange arrow How can I help protect my rental property from damage beyond normal wear and tear?

  Having a defined and documented move-in/move-out process is one of the easiest ways for you to protect your investment. By documenting the condition of the property with pictures, video and written agreements, both parties can get exactly what they deserve at the end of a lease. Build trust betwe...
Orange arrow What is the online application process like?

  Check out the video below for a demo of the online application process. Click "My Application" on the home screen of your account to view, manage, or update your own online application....
Orange arrow Can I use unique rental criteria for each property address in my account?

  Different rental properties may need different rental criteria. Each property has different needs depending on factors such as rent and deposit amounts. You have the option to customize rental criteria for each property address. You can choose to use the general rental criteria set up for your acc...
Orange arrow Can I view a sample copy of the final background report?

  Here at Rent Perfect we are more than just some instant "name, DOB" search...we have a team of Licensed Private Investigators! You'll get the same old instant criminal report you're used to getting (which are notorious for missing criminal and eviction records by the way), but we don't stop there!...
Orange arrow Do you offer rental history verification and employment and income verification?

  Although Rent Perfect investigators will report verifiable evictions, including current evictions in process on your applicants, we do not currently offer rental history verification from previous landlords or employment verification. We highly recommend the landlord takes the time to do this on th...
Orange arrow What is the maximum I can charge for my security deposit?

  Each state has different laws pertaining to security deposits for their rental properties. Below we have listed a chart to help you determine the limits in your rental property's state: State Limit Alabama One month's rent, except for pet deposits, deposits to cover undoing tenant'...

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