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Orange arrow Can I send one invite for a husband and wife to apply?

  Each person applying requires a separate invite. Multiple invites may be sent to the same e-mail address....
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Orange arrow Where can I view a record of the invites emails I have sent my applicants?

  You can view a list of all the invite emails you have sent to your applicants for the past 30 days and check the status of the invite. To do so go to the "Order Background Screening" tab and click the blue link that says "Invite History." Hold your mouse over the "i" icon in the top left corner t...
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Orange arrow Why is our lease longer than most leases?

  Here at Investigative Screening Company, we pride ourselves on making it easy for you to keep your investment as protected as you can. We have created a lease option for Rent Perfect; in that lease, we have pages of information to keep you as protected as possible while renting out your investment....
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Orange arrow Can Rent Perfect help notify my tenants if I require renters insurance?

  An easy way to protect your investment property is to require your tenants to purchase a Liability Renters Insurance policy. You have the ability to set up automatic email notifications to your tenants regarding your renters insurance requirements. To activate the notifications you will need to mar...
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Orange arrow What are your business hours?

  At Investigative Screening Company we use private investigators to search for court records all throughout the United States. Our need to contact courts all over the United States dictates that need to be open during the same hours as the courts we contact the most frequently. Business Hours are M...
Orange arrow Where can I view a copy of my rental application?

  To view a copy of your rental application click the button that say, "My Application," on the home screen. Next, click "View Application" at the top of the screen. A blank, PDF copy of your rental application will open in a new tab. This copy will update accordingly as you add custom questions of ...
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Orange arrow How do I add a rental property address into my account?

  Adding individual rental property information into your account is easy. First, go to the home screen of your account and click, "My Property." Next, click "Add Property," or click on a current property name to edit an existing property. Now enter the required property information se...
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Orange arrow How do I download a copy of the lease agreement that was signed?

  HOW TO VIEW, PRINT, OR DOWNLOAD A COPY OF A SIGNED LEASE AGREEMENT. Landlords and tenants can both view, print, or download a copy of a signed lease agreement in their Rent Perfect account at Landlords follow these steps: 1. Click "VIEW REPORTS" or "PREPARE LEASE" o...
Orange arrow Can I decline an applicant for any criminal record? What is an individual Assessment and why is it important?

  Denying an applicant for having any criminal record EVER may be over reaching and could get you into trouble. Having a clear, consistent criteria and providing an individualized assessment for each applicant gives you the vital protection you need to expertly manage your properties. An individual a...
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Orange arrow I got the results back on my applicant...what does the recommendation mean? What is an Individual Assessment?

  Each application will be given a recommendation based on the landlords rental criteria. The landlord should make the final decision after considering the application as a whole and doing any necessary individual assessment. Recommendation “Approved” Approved means the applicant pas...
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Orange arrow There are some things I want to change in the Standard lease template. How do I create my own custom lease template?

  A lease template is an outline that saves standard, pre-populated lease terms that typically stay the same for every lease. You will provide unique lease details such as dates, rent amount, and deposit amounts using the “Prepare Lease” option in your account once a tenant is approved. R...
Orange arrow Why is rental criteria important? Should I document my rental criteria in my Rent Perfect account?

  Setting Rental Criteria Having the proper rental criteria allows you to expertly manage your properties. Setting criteria will help you stay compliant with Fair Housing Laws and help keep the application process a business relationship. All investigations will receive a recommendation based on the...
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Orange arrow Can my tenant set up automatic monthly payments to me through Rent Pay?

  Yes, tenants can set up recurring rent payments. There is a small $3.95 convenience fee per payment. Tenants can follow these steps to setup recurring payments: Login at and click "Rent Pay." Under payment schedules click "Pay Now." Under mode of payment select "Setu...
Orange arrow How do I read a credit report?

  Here are the most important factors to pay attention to on a credit report: The credit score/credit score factors. what is a good credit score.The score reflects all aspects of the report that indicate whether or not the consumer is likely to pay their bills on time. Higher the better, avg sc...
Orange arrow How do I prepare a lease agreement for a tenant?

  How to Prepare a Rent Perfect Lease Agreement Before you can prepare a lease follow these steps: 1. Click "My Property" to add a property address to your account. Click "Yes" when asked if you will prepare a lease for the property. 2. Invite a prospective tenant to complete the online applic...

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