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Orange arrow Can my tenant set up automatic monthly payments to me through Rent Pay?

  Yes, tenants can set up automatic monthly payments. First, the landlord must set up a Rent Pay account. Once a Rent Pay account for the property address is approved tenants can set up and manage automatic payments through their Rent Perfect tenant account following these 3 easy steps: First, sig...
Orange arrow How do I download a copy of the lease agreement that was signed?

  HOW TO VIEW, PRINT, OR DOWNLOAD A COPY OF A SIGNED LEASE AGREEMENT. Landlords and tenants can both view, print, or download a copy of a signed lease agreement in their Rent Perfect account at Landlords follow these steps: 1. Click "VIEW REPORTS" or "PREPARE LEASE" o...
Orange arrow How do I read a credit report?

  The most important factors to pay attention to on credit report are: The credit score/credit score factors. what is a good credit score.The score reflects all aspects of the report that indicate whether or not the consumer is likely to pay their bills on time. Higher the better, avg score for...
Orange arrow Will an applicant get a copy of their reports?

  All applicant's who complete the online application process will be given access to their credit and background reports by logging into their tenant portal at Applicant's must answer 4 identity authentication questions correctly to complete their credit order. Credit reports ...
Orange arrow How do I update information that was reported?

  In very rare instances, criminal records could be disclosed that were not correct from the county where the court record was reported. In any and all instances, we want our background investigations to be completely accurate. If the applicant believes that infomation that was reported was incorrect...
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Orange arrow What are the processing fees for online rent payments?

  Applying for a Rent Pay account is easy and free! There is a small processing fee for the tenant....
Orange arrow How do I change my password?

  For Landlord Passwords can be changed in your Account settings. First click the white “Account Settings” link at the top right of the page. Next, click edit in the top right section where it says Control Panel Login information. For security reasons you must enter in your old passwo...
Orange arrow I am having trouble authenticating my identity with the credit bureau. What am I doing wrong?

  For Landlord An identity authentication with the credit bureau is required in order for you to activate your account and view your applicant’s shared credit reports. This is done by answering 4 randomly generated questions that only you would know. Here are the most common reasons for failin...
Orange arrow How do I make a rent payment online through my Rent Perfect account?

  Making a payment online to your landlord is easy! If your landlord has signed up for Online Rent Pay you can easily make a payment using your bank account or a debit/credit card. Tenants can follow these simple steps: 1. Sign into your Rent Perfect account by going to and cl...
Orange arrow How can I remove a Credit Security Freeze with Experian?

  You can manage your Security Freeze on Experian’s website at Check the box that says “Remove or Lift Security Freeze” and then click “Continue”. Next, fill out the form to make the removal request. You can request a permanen...
Orange arrow What is the easiest way to have my fraud alert victim statement removed from my credit file?

  Rent Perfect does not have the ability to remove a Fraud Alert Victim Statement for you. You can request to have a Fraud Alert Victim Statement removed by filling out a form and mailing it directly to the credit bureau Experian. You can also submit the form online, however in some cases the credit ...
Orange arrow What are your business hours?

  At Investigative Screening Company we use private investigators to search for court records all throughout the United States. Our need to contact courts all over the United States dictates that need to be open during the same hours as the courts we contact the most frequently. Business Hours are M...
Orange arrow How can I update the record reported to my landlord?

  At Investigative Screening and Company, our licensed private investigators go straight to courts to find current record information. On rare occasions, court records will not have been updated to reflect the current case standings. If you feel like we have reported information that is not current, ...
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Orange arrow Why is my credit card being declined?

  These are the most common reasons a card will be declined for payment. If you have additional questions or need additional assistance you can contact customer service at 877-922-2547 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. For assistance with details about your card such as the billing address or card code you will need...
Orange arrow Do applicants like Rent Perfect's online process?

  Here at Rent Perfect our goal is to make the screening and move-in process as easy as possible for landlords... but we don't stop there. By design, Rent Perfect's system creates a user-friendly experience for applicants and tenants as well! Watch the video to hear first hand from an applicant what ...

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