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Topic: Grades / Reimbursements
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Orange arrow How do I reimburse the Navy for collectable grades? How do I pay?

  Send tuition assistance (TA) reimbursements by money order or cashier's check payable to US TREASURY to: Commanding Officer NETPDC TA Accounting N852 6490 Saufley Field Road Pensacola, FL 32509-5241 No personal checks or credit cards accepted. Include: Full Name, Rate/Rank, Course Number and Co...
Orange arrow Do I have to reimburse the Navy for my tuition assistance funded course?

  If a Navy service member receives a “collectable grade”, the system will generate a letter of indebtedness sent from the NETPDC TA Accounting department to the service member through the member’s Commanding Officer. Sailors have the option of manually repaying the course (cashier&...
Orange arrow I have submitted payment for a collectible grade; however, the payment has not posted yet. My course starts soon. Am I able to use tuition assistance while I wait for the payment to post?

  Payments for collectible grades must be posted to record BEFORE additional tuition assistance (TA) is authorized. If the payment is posted after your course starts, you will not be able to submit a late TA request. You will have to wait until next term to ensure the payment has posted and all iss...
Orange arrow How do I submit a missing grade?

  To resolve missing grades for tuition assistance (TA) or NCPACE DL funded courses, submit a grade report or unofficial transcript to the TA Accounting Office by submitting a Help Request. Select "TA/NCPACE Grades and Billing" as the category to expedite a response. To contact the TA Accounting o...

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