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Reimbursing the Navy for TA Course

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Do I have to reimburse the Navy for my tuition assistance funded course?


If a Navy service member receives a “collectable grade”, the system will generate a letter of indebtedness sent from the NETPDC TA Accounting department to the service member through the member’s Commanding Officer. Sailors have the option of manually repaying the course (cashier’s check or money order made payable to US Treasury) or allowing the collection to process through a military pay deduction. Tuition assistance (TA) eligibility will not be reinstated until the debt has been fully repaid and posted to your record.

The following are considered “Collectable Grades” and require repayment:

  • (D) and (F) grades
  • Any non-passing grade
  • (C) grades for graduate level
  • Incomplete (I) grades in effect longer than six months
  • Voluntary withdrawal (W) grades

For more information regarding TA reimbursements, contact the TA accounting office at DSN 492-4684 or 877-838-1659 (option 1, option 3) or submit a Assistance Center help request. Be sure to select "TA/NCPACE Grades and Billing" as the category to expedite a response.

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