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Orange arrow How do I email forms to my taxpayer from desktop software?

  **These instructions are used if you have setup your e-mail configuration from the Setup Tab > Misc Settings > E-mail Settings. If you need assistance setting up your e-mail configuration, see article ID 68358 Titled "How to setup email configuration in desktop software". Navigate to the t...
Orange arrow What is Error IND-027 Spouse PIN information?

  If 'PINTypeCode' in the Return Header has the value "Self-Select On-Line", and 'Spouse Date Of Birth' has a value, then 'Spouse Prior Year AGI or 'Spouse Prior Year PIN' or 'Spouse Electronic Filing PIN' must have a value. This error means that you have left out a required piece of data on the 887...
Orange arrow How do I import my prior year OLTPRO clients to my current year OLTPRO software?

  Desktop Version Software: From Client Manager > NEW RETURN, type in the primary taxpayer SSN and choose to "Create New Return". If this is a prior year client, the software will prompt you to import their details from the prior year software. *Note: You will have two import options, Simpl...
Orange arrow How can I provide my client with a quick estimation of their tax return?

  You will find in the quick estimator under the <Tools> Tab. The quick estimator is not intended for e-filing returns. It is a quick estimate of what a tax return may be. Utilize theis tax-planning tool to help your clients see how certain inputs affect their tax return for current or future f...
Orange arrow How can I compare my client's return if filing Married Filing Joint instead of Married Filing Separete?

  OLTPRO Tools Option: You will find a MFJ/MFS Comparison Chart under the <Tools> Tab. This will help your client determine which filing status will benefit them more. The chart will show side-by-side comparison of filing a married filing joint return vs. a married filing separate return....
Orange arrow How can I check the status of an e-filed return?

  There are several ways to check the return status in the software. Desktop Software: You can use the E-file tab, and press Get E-file Status Select the desired customer you want to check on, then press Get Current Status of Return You can also pull up the customer's summary page through the C...
Orange arrow How can I see a list of clients who filed using a bank product?

  Use the Bank Tab then choose Bank Products to view your clients process bank product details. You can search for a specific client or choose to Show All. For WEB Software, you can break this list down by choosing a specific product type from the Bank Tab drop-down....
Orange arrow Wash Sales

  A wash sale occurs when you sell or otherwise dispose of stock or securities (including a contract or option to acquire or sell stock or securities) at a loss and within 30 days before or after the sale or disposition, you directly or indirectly: Buy substantially identical stock or securities, ...
Orange arrow Can I File as Single?

  You may choose this status if any of the following were true as of December 31: You were never married; You were legally separated, according to your state law, under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance; You were widowed before January 1, and did not remarry before December 31. If you ...
Orange arrow How do I claim a distribution from a foreign trust?

  Foreign-Source Income - You must report unearned income, such as interest, dividends, and pensions, from sources outside the United States unless exempt by law or a tax treaty. You must also report earned income, such as wages and tips, from sources outside the United States. If you worked abroad,...
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Orange arrow How can I amend my New Mexico state tax return?

  Amended Returns Any change to New Mexico taxable income, credits or rebates, and changes to federal taxable income require an amended New Mexico personal income tax return for the same year. Amended returns must be filed on Form PIT-X. If the New Mexico amended return reports changes as the result...
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Orange arrow Schedule C Expenses - Wages

    Enter the total salaries and wages for the tax year. Do not include salaries and wa-ges deducted elsewhere on your return or amounts paid to yourself. Reduce your deduction by the amounts claimed on: Form 5884, Work Opportunity Credit, line 2; Form 8844, Empowerment Zone Employment Credit, l...

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