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Category: E-Filing Information
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Orange arrow When does E-file open?

  Most taxpayers qualify for efile even if they did not file a return last year. The IRS will accept transmissions for e-file starting January 30. Therefore, filing earlier than IRS e-file opens will not result in faster refunds. The state returns cannot be processed until the IRS opens since even a...
Orange arrow What happens when a return is filed late?

  If you submitted a federal return prior to April 15 and it was rejected, you have until April 20 to have it corrected and still be considered on time. If the return is due a refund, there is not a deadline or penalty imposed. The due date is primarily for paying tax due. You can submit a return e...
Orange arrow How can I check the status of an e-filed return?

  There are several ways to check the return status in the software. Desktop Software: You can use the E-file tab, and press Get E-file Status Select the desired customer you want to check on, then press Get Current Status of Return You can also pull up the customer's summary page through the C...
Orange arrow Self-Select PIN Program

  Self-Select PIN Requirements The electronic signature method allows taxpayers to use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to sign their individual income tax return. The taxpayer selects five numbers (except all zeros) to enter as their electronic PIN signature. The taxpayer has the option to c...
Orange arrow What is an EFIN?

  An EFIN is an electronic filer identification number issued by the IRS to tax preparers who electronically file tax returns for their clients. For a tax preparer to file electronic returns to the IRS they must have an EFIN. To get an EFIN simply fill out Form 8633 either online thru the IRS e-se...
Orange arrow What is the practitioners PIN?

  Taxpayers are required to sign electronically filed returns. When your clients sign an electronic tax return by using a Self-Select PIN or Practitioner PIN option, Form 8453 (U.S. Individual Income Tax Declaration for an IRS e-file Return) or Form 8879 (IRS e-file Signature Authorization) is not r...

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