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Orange arrow Vermont More than one owner - Property Tax Rebate

  OWNERSHIP SITUATIONS Homeowner Age 62 or Older in 2021 If the homeowner shares ownership of the homestead with his or her descendant(s), the homeowner may claim 100% ownership interest on the Property Tax Adjustment Claim, even if the other owners (descendants) do not live in the homestead. A let...
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Orange arrow How can I contact the state of Vermont?

  Individual Income Tax Telephone: 1-866-828-2865 (Toll-free in Vermont) 802-828-2865 (Local and Out-of-state) Fax: 802-828-2720 Email: indincome@tax.state.vt.us Department Mailing Addresses Income Tax: Returns with Payment (Including Estimated Vouchers): Vermont Department of T...
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Orange arrow How do I know if I need to file an amended return for the state of Vermont?

  You are required by VT law to file an amended VT return within 60 days of: 1) becoming aware of a change to VT income; 2) filing an amended return with the IRS; or 3) receipt of a notice of the change by the IRS. A late file penalty will be assessed if the amended VT return is not filed within the...
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Orange arrow Vermont Contributions

  Enter the amount on the line(s) for the fund(s) to which you wish to contribute. Your refund will be reduced, or your payment increased, by this amount. Your refund or payment must cover all contribution amounts or no contribution is made. Example: Your return calculations show a $60 refund and yo...
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Orange arrow How can I file an extension for my Vermont state taxes?

  To receive a six-month extension of time to file your income tax form, file Form IN-151 on or before April 15. An extension only allows more time to file the income tax return. It does not extend the due date for tax payment. Interest and penalty accrue on tax due from April 16 to the receipt of ...
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Orange arrow What is Vermont Use Tax

  What is Use Tax? When a seller does not charge the buyer Vermont Sales Tax on an item taxable in Vermont, the buyer must pay Vermont Use Tax. Nontaxable items such as food and clothing are excluded. Taxable items sold over the internet, by mail-order, by phone, or bought out-of-state and used in V...
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Orange arrow Vermont Household Income

  On Schedule HI-144, Lines a through n, list the items of income that are required to be reported for Household Income. • Report your income (if filing jointly, include the income of your spouse) under Column 1. • Report the income of your spouse or civil union partner if filing separa...
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Orange arrow Vermont Military Pay

  Enter the amount of VT exempt military pay received that is included in your Federal adjusted gross income. Exempt military pay is: Full-time active duty pay from the armed services when the pay is earned outside of Vermont Up to $2,000 military pay for unit training in Vermont for National Gua...
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Orange arrow Am I considered Vermont resident ?

  Domicile is the place where you have your permanent home. Establishing domicile depends on factors such as the location of residences owned or rented, the amount of time spent at the residences, the location of items considered of sentimental or financial value, how and where one's living is earned...
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Orange arrow Vermont Payment Options

  Electronic payment options available at www.myvtax.vermont.gov: - ACH debit (no fee) - Credit or Debit card (3% service fee applies) You may also pay by check or money order payable to the Vermont Department of Taxes. Please include Form IN-116, Vermont Income Tax Payment Voucher, with your p...
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