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What is Vermont Use Tax

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What is Vermont Use Tax


What is Use Tax?

When a seller does not charge the buyer Vermont Sales Tax on an item taxable in Vermont, the buyer must pay Vermont Use Tax. Nontaxable items such as food and clothing are excluded. Taxable items sold over the internet, by mail-order, by phone, or bought out-of-state and used in Vermont generally qualify. Use tax applies whether you are resident or nonresident.  The use tax rate is the same as the sales tax rate: 6%.  If you didn’t keep records of qualifying purchases, Vermont offers an option for estimating them in Part 1. If you did keep records, you should use Part 2. The total for any purchases that cost over $1,000 each needs to be reported on line 3a.    

Please note: Act 73 of 2017 requires vendors to report certain transactions on which no sales tax was paid to the Department of Taxes. Included in these reports is buyer information which will be used in compliance efforts. 

Note: Businesses must report use tax on Form SUT-451, Sales and Use Tax Return, or on Form SU-452, Use Tax Return. Individuals may also use Form SU-452 or use this worksheet. Do not include purchases already reported on those forms on this worksheet

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