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Orange arrow How do you file a return for a deceased taxpayer?

  The taxpayer's spouse or personal representative may have to file a return and sign it for the person who died (decedent) if the decedent was required to file a return. A personal representative can be an executor, administrator, or anyone who is in charge of the taxpayer's property. If the deceden...
Orange arrow What is Form 8275 and do I need to file it?

  Form 8275 is used by taxpayers and income tax return preparers to disclose items or positions, except those taken contrary to a regulation, that are not otherwise adequately disclosed on a tax return to avoid certain penalties. The form is filed to avoid the portions of the accuracy-related penalty...
Orange arrow How do I log out?

  For 2018: To log out, click on back to account, which is at the top right of the screen. This will take you back into the OLT ONE account. Then you will find a little person icon at the top right of the screen. Click on this and then choose log out. For 2019, 2020, and 2021: There is a log o...
Orange arrow My federal return was rejected due to 'PrimarySSN and PrimaryNameControlTxt' in the Return Header must match the e-File database.

  You received this rejection because the primary taxpayer SSN or name do not match IRS records. Review the SSN and name entered. Be sure they are entered exactly as they appear on your social security card. If there is a mistake, update your entries and resubmit the return. If it appears to be cor...
Orange arrow Why am I getting so many emails?

  Occasionally we must re-transmit a return through the automated system to the IRS. Every time we send a transmission, we get an acknowledgement from the IRS about the status of your return, because of this you could get extra accept/reject email messages. You can always get the current status of ...
Orange arrow Resident State

  You must select a resident state. If you are filing multiple state returns, please select the state of which you are currently a resident. Your resident state is where you maintain your domicile (living quarters) but you may file your return, if required as a part year or non resident depending on...
Orange arrow Why do I need a Statement of Permanent and Total Disability and what is it?

  If you got a physician's statement in an earlier year and, due to your continued disabled condition, you were unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity during the tax year, you may not need to get another physician's statement for the tax year. For a detailed explanation of the condition...
Orange arrow How do I use your software to complete and file my tax return?

  You can create an account (start now) to do this years tax return by selecting a username and a password. Then, you must agree to our User Agreement. This starts an interview process that prompts you for the information needed to complete your tax return. Please print the username and password scre...
Orange arrow I forgot my password and can't log in.

  If you have forgotten a username click "Forgot Username" link from the login screen, enter your specific details, click "Get Username". The username will be emailed to the email address provided when you created the account. If you have forgotten your password, enter your username on the login sc...
Orange arrow How do I delete my account?

  If you wish to have your account deleted, please send an email to customer service providing your account information and request for the inforamtion to be removed. You can do this from the Customer Service option listed on the homepage....
Orange arrow What does paperfile, paperfiling or mailing in a paper return mean?

  This means you need to print the tax forms, sign, and attach copies of your W2s, 1099s, and other income documents. For federal return, the mailing address is based on your address state, and you can find the address on this link: https://www.irs.gov/filing/where-to-file-addresses-for-taxpayers-an...
Orange arrow Third Party Designee

  If you want to allow a friend, family member, or any other person you choose to discuss your tax return with the IRS, check the 'Yes' box for the Third Party Designee question on your return. Enter the designee's name, phone number, and any five numbers the designee chooses as his or her personal ...
Orange arrow Can you print and mail my forms to me?

  We no longer offer printing services. You can log in and access your return from any computer with internet access and a printer for up to five years to print, view, or save copies as needed. If you have any further questions, please contact customer service....
Orange arrow When should I consult an accountant?

  Our dedicated customer service department offers assistance on how to use or navigate our software. We can also help you find the instructions for all forms and other helpful information. We are not accountants and if you have a tax law questions, you should consult with a tax accountant. We will a...
Orange arrow Is my information secure?

  On-Line Taxes, Inc. stores your information securely on servers operated and maintained by OnLine Taxes. Our company and employees operate under very strict guidelines to protect your information and comply with IRS requirements. Extensive backup systems protect against data loss. All returns file...

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