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Orange arrow Why is renters insurance important for me as the landlord?

  A strong lease and a thorough investigative background check, performed and verified by a live person, are your first and best lines of defense against losses as an investment property owner. But even with those safeguards in place, there may be an important layer of protection that you’re mi...
Orange arrow Do you offer skip tracing? How can I track down and collect money owed from a previous tenant?

  Over the last 20 years as an investigator, I have seen thousands of cases where a landlord, acting purely on principle, has lost a great deal of money chasing a tenant who recently skipped out on rent or was evicted. These landlords desperately come to our firm to see what step they need to take to...
Orange arrow Why is it important to complete a move-in inspection of a property?

  It’s a scenario we are all familiar with, the rental car inspection process prior to receiving the keys. Think back to the last time you were asked to walk around the vehicle with your half sheet of paper with the car diagram on it, looking for any existing problems. To avoid getting charged ...
Orange arrow How has The Cares Act affected landlords? How can landlords protect themselves moving forward?

  "More than ever we must band together to survive in an environment that has been stacked against us by our legislatures and tenants." Landlords, it’s time we all pay very close attention. A second devastating wave of trouble is thundering towards us and it is imperative that you know how ...
Orange arrow How does legalized Marijuana affect my "No Smoking" Rule at my rental property?

  Legalized Marijuana: Its Impact on Your Rental Properties "You don’t have to provide a one-hundred page document listing every type of pet by name that aren’t allowed in your no pet policy, so why should you have to identify what can or cannot be smoked in your property." The 2020 ...
Orange arrow How can I protect myself as a landlord with rentals during times like Covid?

  How Tenant CoVid Era Behavior is a Predictor of the Future Knowing how your applicant did in the “CoVid” times will be important information to protect ourselves in the future. As a newly married man in my mid 20’s, my wife and I went out and looked at new homes as we were tryin...

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