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Orange arrow Indiana Disability Retirement Deduction

  Disability Retirement Deduction 602 To take this deduction you must have been: Permanently and totally disabled at the time of retirement, Retired on disability before Dec. 31, 2014, and Received disability retirement income during 2014 If you meet these qualifications, you must complete ...
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Orange arrow Indiana Deductions

  Renter's deduction Homeowner's residential property tax deduction State tax refund reported on federal return Interest on U.S. government obligations deduction Taxable Social Security benefits deductions Railroad retirement benefits deduction Military service deduction...
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Orange arrow Indiana Human Services Tax Deduction

  Human Services Deduction 605 The human services deduction is intended to eliminate any individual income tax imposed on Medicaid recipients who are living in a: Hospital, Skilled nursing facility, Intermediate care facility, Licensed county home, Licensed boarding or residential home, o...
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Orange arrow Indiana Tax Credits

  Indiana state and county tax withheld Estimated Tax Paid Unified tax credit for the elderly Indiana's earned income credit Lake County (Indiana) residential income tax credit Economic development for a growing economy credit (EDGE) Economic Development for a Growing Ec...
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Orange arrow Indiana Enterprise Zone Credit

  Certain areas within Indiana have been designated as enterprise zones by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation under IC 5-28- 15. Enterprise zones are established to encourage investment and job growth in distressed urban areas. Use this website to look up contact information for a particul...
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Orange arrow Indiana Household Employment Taxes

  If you paid cash wages during the year to an individual who is not - Your spouse, - Your child under age 21, - Your parent, - An employee under age 18; And the individual worked in and around your home as a baby-sitter, nanny, health aide, private nurse, maid, caretaker, yard worker or someone...
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Orange arrow When do my Indiana state taxes need to be filed?

  When Should You File? Your tax return is due April 15, 2015. If you file after this date, you may have to pay interest and/or penalty. See page 12 for more information Fiscal year tax returns are due by the fifteenth (15) day of the fourth (4th) month after the close of the fiscal year. You must ...
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Orange arrow How do I amend my Indiana state tax return?

  Who should file Form IT-40X Use this form to correct/update a previously filed Indiana individual income tax return. Additional Information If you have any questions concerning the types of income to be reported, what adjustments are allowable, how to figure and claim various credits, etc., y...
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Orange arrow How do I contact the Indiana state department?

  Most Frequently Used Phone Numbers: Individual Income Tax: (317) 232-2240 Sales Tax: (317) 233-4015 Withholding Tax: (317) 233-4016 Corporate Tax: (317) 232-0129 Collections: (317) 232-2165 Refund or Collection/Liability Status (Automated): (317) 233-4018 Please select either the Indian...
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Orange arrow What are the Indiana filing requirements for deceased individuals?

  Deceased Taxpayers If an individual died during 2014, or died after Dec. 31, 2014, but before filing his/her tax return, the executor, administrator or surviving spouse must file a tax return for the individual if: The deceased was under the age of 65 and had gross income over $1,000 The dece...
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Orange arrow How can I file for an Indiana extension?

  Extension of Time to File — What if You Can’t File on Time? You must get an extension of time to file if you: Are required to file (your income is more than your exemptions), and You cannot file your tax return by the April 15, 2015 due date. Whether you owe additional tax, a...
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Orange arrow How can I find the Indiana forms I need?

  Click on the link to be taken to a list of form. Indiana forms...
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Orange arrow How can I notify Indiana of my change of address?

  You need to notify the department if you move to a new address after filing your tax return, and you do not have a forwarding address on file with the post office. Change your address with us by doing one of the following: • Go to and change your address on...
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Orange arrow How do I contact Indiana Tax Assistance?

  Local Help You may be eligible to take advantage of the IRS Volunteer Return Preparation Program (VRPP). This program offers free tax return help to low income, elderly and special needs individuals. Volunteers will fill out federal and state forms for those who qualify. Call the IRS at 1-800-829...
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Orange arrow When is the Indiana annual public hearing held?

  Public Hearing June 18, 2015 The department will hold a public hearing on June 18, 2015. The hearing will be held at 10-11 a.m. in Conference Room A of the Conference Center, Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Ind. You may also submit your questions or comme...
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