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Orange arrow When installing Teamcenter 10.1.4 client, after setting the 2-tier server settings a status message box informs you that you need to install the "Teamcenter Rapid Start Configuration" feature.

  Ensure that the "Teamcenter Rapid Start Configuration" feature is installed on the server by launching TEM and viewing the current configuration. On the server, browse to %TC_DATA%\install Rename the file models.xml to models1.xml Go back to the client and run TEM again. TEM will run in recover...
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Orange arrow Error opening Creo part or Assembly when a New Dataset is created in Teamcenter

  Symptom When sending a new Dataset to Creo from Teamcenter, the user gets an error stating “Open from Teamcenter may have been unsuccessful. <Dataset name> (The system cannot find the file specified) Hardware/Software Configuration Creo 2.0 TcRS 10.1.4 ProE Integration 10.1.0 ...
Orange arrow What to do if you are having issues with JAVA using Teamcenter connecting to GM

  Teamcenter Java Troubleshooting Notes Overview IE9 is the formally supported web browser by the GM support team. Siemens (Teamcenter vendor) supports Chrome and Mozilla. The GM team will work best effort to help support Chrome and Mozilla. The GM environment uses Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)...
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Orange arrow Teamcenter 10.1.4 - 2 Tier Client login fails with error: com.teamcenter.soa.client.soaruntimeexception 273006

  Symptom --------------- Teamcenter 10.1.4 - 2 Tier Client login fails with com.teamcenter.soa.client.SoaRuntimeException com.teamcenter.soa.client.SoaRuntimeException: Teamcenter server failed to respond. This is most likely the result of a crash of the Teamcenter server, or the Teamcent...
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Orange arrow NX Integration not working, unable to open dataset from TC into NX. Error is: The preference TC_MFK_DEFAULT_DOMAIN is not set. NX only supports items in the default domain.

  Symptom User logs into TC then tries to stand on UGMASTER (dataset) and open in NX. It fails to open and gives error: Unsupported operation....the dataset <name>/<rev> that was selected is present in an item type which does not belong to the default domain. This is currently ...
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Orange arrow When installing Teamcenter client you get an error stating "The tcexec task is referencing a TC_DATA which does not exist"

  Set TC_USE_PREF_SHARED_MEMORY to False On the server, open %TC_DATA%\tc_profilevars.bat Add: set TC_USE_PREFS_SHARED_MEMORY=FALSE Save the file REM out code in Process_Textserver.xml On the client, browse to: C:\Program Files\Siemens\Teamcenter10\install\install\modules Open the fil...
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Orange arrow When opening any assembly in Structure Manager, following error appears: BOMLine Error: internal error. com/ugs/plmvis/components/PMISelectionListener. The users are able to add, delete items in Stru

  Hardware/Software Configuration Teamcenter 10.1.4 Show more Solution Check the version of embedded visualization, using [Help] – [About] in Teamcenter. The [More Information] dialog will mention the version. This error typically indicates that the embedded viewer installed is not compatib...
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