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Orange arrow Alabama Credit For Taxes Paid To Another State

  Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State. You must complete Schedule CR and you must attach a copy of other state’s return or W-2G’s if the taxing state does not allow a return to be filed for gambling winnings. The credit is provided to prevent the double taxation of income and is only...
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Orange arrow Does Alabama offer State Only filing?

  NOTE: You can only paper file a state only return. State only returns CANNOT be efiled. If you did not file your federal return with our company, you will need to select START A NEW RETURN on our homepage and choose a username and password to begin. ***Please note, you will be required to enter...
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Orange arrow Who is a resident of Alabama?

  You were a resident of Alabama for Alabama tax return purpose if you were domiciled in Alabama. Domicile is where one lives, has a permanent home, and has the intention of returning when absent. Each person has only one domicile....
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Orange arrow Alabama Payment Options

  Pay the full amount by check or money order payable to the “Alabama Department of Revenue.” On your payment write your social security number, your daytime telephone number, and “2018 Form 40,” and remit your payment with Form 40V. Credit Card: You can also pay your taxes d...
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Orange arrow What are some examples of taxable Alabama income?

  Income to be Reported on the Alabama Income Tax Return All income is subject to Alabama income tax unless specifically exempted by state law. The term "income" includes, but is not limited to: Wages including salaries, fringe benefits, bonuses, commissions, fees, and tips. Dividends. ...
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Orange arrow Annuities

  Worksheet for Partially Taxable Pensions, Annuities, and IRA Distributions Use the worksheet to report distributions from profit-sharing plans, retirement plans, employee savings plans, and individual retirement arrangements not fully taxable. Also, use this worksheet to report pension and annuity...
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Orange arrow Alabama Political Contributions

  If you wish to make a voluntary contribution to the Alabama Democratic Party or Republican Party indicate the amount and party by checking the proper box(es) on lines 20a or 20b on the Form 40. Each individual may contribute $1 to either party. If a joint return is filed, each spouse may contribute...
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Orange arrow Can I claim the adoption credit?

  Adoption Credit. Taxpayers that reside in Alabama can take a tax credit of $1,000 for a private intrastate adoption or the adoption of a qualified foster child. You must attach a completed Schedule AAC to claim the credit. To qualify for an adoption through a private agency the birth mother, the ba...
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Orange arrow How do I file an amended return for Alabama?

  If you have already filed a return and become aware of any changes to income, deductions, or credits, you should file Form 40X, Amended Alabama Individual Income Tax Return, to change that return. Note: If your State return is changed for any reason, it may affect your federal income tax liability...
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Orange arrow Can I file an extension for Alabama?

  Automatic Extension If you know you cannot file your return by the due date you do not need to file for an extension. You will automatically be granted an extension until October 15. If you anticipate that you will owe additional tax on your return you should submit your payment with a payment vou...
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Orange arrow What organizations can I contribute to for Alabama?

  Donation Check-Offs Senior Services Trust Fund Alabama Arts Development Fund Alabama Nongame Wildlife Fund Child Abuse Trust Fund Alabama Veterans Program Alabama State Prehistoric Preservation Fund Archives Services Fund Foster Care Trust Fund Mental Health Alabama Firefighters Annuity a...
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Orange arrow What income is exempt from Alabama tax?

  Income Exempt from Alabama Income Taxation United States Civil Service Retirement System benefits. State of Alabama Teachers Retirement System benefits. State of Alabama Employees Retirement System benefits. State of Alabama Judicial Retirement System benefits. Military ret...
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Orange arrow Alabama Estimated Tax Payments

  Enter any payments you made on your estimated Alabama income tax (Form 40ES) for this year. Include any overpayments from your prior year return that you applied to your estimated tax for this year. CAUTION -- DO NOT INCLUDE: The tax you paid for a prior year return. Any overpayment that was ...
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Orange arrow What are the dependent qualifications for Alabama?

  A “dependent” as defined under Alabama law is an individual other than the taxpayer and his or her spouse who received over 50% of his or her support from the taxpayer during the tax year and is also related to the taxpayer in one of the following relationships: Son Daughter Stepso...
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Orange arrow What is my Alabama refund status?

  You may log into your account and check the status of your returns anytime. Be sure the status says "accepted" before trying to inquire about the refund status. You can check the status of your Alabama Individual Income Tax Refund online at
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