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Orange arrow How Do I Receive Credit for Taxes Paid to a State Other Than Illinois?

  What is the purpose of Schedule CR? Schedule CR, Credit for Tax Paid to Other States, allows you to take a credit for income taxes you paid to other states on income you received while a resident of Illinois. You are allowed this credit only if you filed a required tax return with the other state. ...
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Orange arrow How do I apply for an extension for my Wisconsin state taxes?

  Your return is due April 15 If you cannot file on time, you can get an extension. You may use any federal extension provision for Wisconsin, even if you are filing your federal return by April 15. How to get an extension You do not need to submit a request for an extension to the department prior t...
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Orange arrow What is the School District Income Tax?

  Who Must File a School District Income Tax Return? Only Ohio residents who lived within a taxing school district during any portion of the year are subject to Ohio's school district income tax. Not all school districts have an income tax. See pages 41-46 for a complete listing of all Ohio school di...
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Orange arrow How do I file an amended return for Louisiana?

  AMENDED RETURNS If you file your income tax return and later become aware of any changes you must make to income, deductions, exemptions, or credits, you must file an amended (corrected) Louisiana return. You must use the correct form for the tax year being amended, mark an "X" in the "Amended Ret...
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Orange arrow What is the Minnesota credit for taxes paid to another state?

  Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State (Schedule M1CR and Schedule M1RCR) If you were a Minnesota resident for all or part of 2018 and you paid income tax to both Minnesota and another state on the same income, you may be able to reduce your tax. A Canadian province or territory and the Distric...
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Orange arrow Can I deduct my health and dental insurance on my Iowa return?

  You may take a deduction for certain health insurance premiums on line 18 instead of IA 1040, Schedule A. Your IA 1040, Schedule A cannot contain any health insurance premiums which are used as a deduction on line 18. Typically, health insurance premiums are made on a pre-tax basis when they are de...
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Orange arrow New Jersey Excludable Income

  Retirement/Pension Exclusion You can exclude all or part of the pension income reported on Line 20a if you meet the following qualifications: •• You (and/or your spouse if filing jointly) were age 62 or older or blind/disabled as defined by Social Security guidelines on the last d...
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Orange arrow Oklahoma Sales Tax/Relief Credit

  Sales Tax Relief/Credit If you are required to file an Oklahoma income tax return, your return must be filed by April 15th. An extension of time to file your return, including the April 20th due date for electronically filed returns, does apply to this credit. To file for sales tax relief, you mus...
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Orange arrow How to resolve California Pin Error? Prior year AGI does not match FTB

  You know it is CA Pin Error if the message says as followed: Prior Year AGI [PriorYearAGI] in the Primaryor Spouse/RDP Signature [SpouseRDPSignature] element does not match FTB’s records, therefore you cannot sign your return electronically. You can still e-file by signing Form 8453-OL. Sol...
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Orange arrow How do I amend my New York state tax return?

  Purpose of Form IT-201-XIf after filing your New York State income tax return you realize you have made an error or if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) makes changes to your federal return, you must file an amended New York State return to correct the error or report the changes. Use Form IT-201...
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Orange arrow Credit for City of New York Unincorporated Business Tax

  Form IT-219 For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 1997, a New York City resident individual, estate or trust, or a New York City part-year resident individual or trust may be eligible for a credit on their personal income tax return for New York City unincorporated business tax (UBT) impo...
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Orange arrow How do I file an extension for California?

  California gives you an automatic filing extension through October 15. You don't need to apply for one. Here's what you should do if you can't file by April 15: You are Due a RefundFile your return by October 15. Choose e-file and direct deposit for the fastest refund. You Have a Balance DuePay t...
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Orange arrow Oregon Other Credits

  Total standard credits from Schedule OR-ASC. If you qualify for a standard credit, you must include Schedule OR-ASC with your return with the numeric code and amount of the standard credit you’re claiming. Enter the total from Schedule OR-ASC, section 3, on Form 40, line 27. For more informa...
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Orange arrow Oregon Severely Disabled

  Severely disabled. Did you have a severe disability at the end of the tax year? If so, you may claim an additional exemption credit. This credit is different from the disabled child credit. You may qualify for and claim the severely disabled exemption even if someone else can claim you as a depende...
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Orange arrow Oregon Estimated Tax Payments

  Oregon law requires some taxpayers to pay estimated tax. Oregon’s estimated tax system is similar to the federal system, but when you figure estimated tax for Oregon: • Use Oregon income tax laws and tax rates. • Don’t include Social Security tax (FICA), selfemployment tax...
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