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Orange arrow How can I check the status of my South Carolina state refund?

  The expected average processing time for paper filed returns for South Carolina is 3+ weeks for your refund. If you use an electronic filing option, it could take only 10 days. Returns that require review or adjustments will take longer to process. You can check the status of your refund on the ...
Orange arrow Who must file a South Carolina state tax return?

  Individuals must file a South Carolina tax return if they earned income in South Carolina and are required to file a federal income tax return. If you are not required to file a federal return but you had state taxes withheld from your wages, you must file a state tax return to receive a tax refund...
Orange arrow South Carolina Conservation Bank Trust Fund

  The fund seeks to improve the quality of life in SC by protecting, enhancing and preserving natural resource areas, wildlife habitats, water quality, forest lands, farmlands, places of beauty, historical and archaeological sites, public access for outdoor recreation, and traditional uses of land su...
Orange arrow South Carolina Financial Literacy Trust Fund

  Financial literacy education helps all South Carolina school students learn about personal finance and investments. With contributions from public or private sources, the Financial Literacy Trust Fund provides support for financial literacy education. SC Financial Literacy Trust, 1429 Senate Street...
Orange arrow South Carolina Contributions

  The following are funds you can contribute to with your tax return or along with your tax payment. Endangered Wildlife Fund -Thanks to your generous support, the number of bald eagles in South Carolina has increased from 13 to over 250 nesting pairs. With the success here and in other states, the ...
Orange arrow South Carolina Nursing Home Credit

  NURSING HOME CREDIT: A credit is allowed for an individual who pays expenses for his/her own support or the support of another to an institution, in any state, providing nursing facility level of care or to a provider for in-home or community care. A physician must certify that nursing care is need...
Orange arrow South Carolina Additions

  STATE TAX ADD BACK, IF ITEMIZING ON FEDERAL RETURN If you deducted state and local income taxes or general sales taxes while itemizing on your 2016 federal income tax return, you are required to add all or part of this amount to federal taxable income to arrive at your South Carolina taxable i...
Orange arrow South Carolina Subtractions

  Although there are many subtractions to federal income for South Carolina purposes, many are already calculated by our program. Please enter any of the following subtractions that are applicable: STATE TAX REFUND- If your state tax refund was included on your federal Form 1040, that amount should...
Orange arrow South Carolina Use Tax

  The use tax is a tax that applies to purchases of tangible personal property from out-of-state retailers for use, storage or consumption in South Carolina, and includes purchases from retailers made via the Internet (retailers' websites and retailers' sales on auction sites), through out-of-state c...
Orange arrow South Carolina Payment Options

  If mailing payment, attach your check or money order for the full amount payable to SC Department of Revenue. Write your SSN and "2018 SC1040" on the payment. File your SC1040 Individual Income Tax Return with payment attached. All balances Due Taxable Processing Center PO Box 101105 Columbia...
Orange arrow South Carolina K-12 Public Education Fund

  K-12 Public Education Fund - Your donations will help fund public education from kindergarten through Grade 12. SC Department of Education, 1429 Senate St., Columbia, SC 29201, 803-734-8485,
Orange arrow South Carolina State Parks Fund

  Contributions will help support, establish and improve projects that preserve and interpret the natural and cultural environment on SC State Parks. Projects include: Loggerhead sea turtle nesting programs; habitat enhancements; trail creation and maintenance, education centers, interpretive program...
Orange arrow South Carolina Millitary Family Relief Fund

  Beginning on January 2, 2007, the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) began accepting grant applications from the families of deployed or recently deployed Indiana National Guard members and members of the Selected Reserves. Effective July 1, 2016, the Military Family Relief Fund is avail...
Orange arrow South Carolina Tuition Tax Credit

  To help ease the financial burden for South Carolina college students and their families, the South Carolina General Assembly has created an income tax credit for tuition paid to South Carolina colleges and universities. Who can claim the credit? The student, parents, guardian or whomever actu...
Orange arrow South Carolina Residency

  For tax filing purposes, you are a South Carolina resident (even if you live outside South Carolina) when: Your intention is to maintain South Carolina as your permanent home; AND South Carolina is the center of your financial, social and family life; AND when you are away, South Carolina is the pl...

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