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New Mexico Tax Due

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New Mexico Tax Due


Paying Your Tax Liability

Making Payment Through the Internet.
Using the Department's web site, you may pay by electronic check at no charge. Your electronic check authorizes the Taxation and Revenue Department to debit your checking account in the amount and on the date you specify. Directions are available on the web site. Visit, click on E-services.
Using the Department's web site, you may also make tax payments via credit card. A convenience fee of 2.49% is required to use this service. The fee is charged to reimburse the Department for charges paid to the credit card company.

Making Payment by Mail.
Complete the PIT-PV, Payment Voucher, if you owe one dollar or more. Include full payment with the voucher. Make your check or money order payable to New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. Please write your social security number and "(taxyear) PIT-1" on your payment. DO NOT SEND CASH.
Do not cut or resize the bottom portion of the payment voucher in any way. When printing the document from the Internet, the printer setting ôPage Scalingö should be set to "none" to prevent resizing.
Please DO NOT combine payment for the amount due on your return with payment for any other tax or estimated payments for the coming year. Your payments cannot be separated and credited as you would wish.
A $20 penalty will be assessed for any check that is not honored by the bank on which it is drawn. This penalty is in addition to any other late filing and late-payment penalties that may be assessed.

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