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District of Columbia Payment Options

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District of Columbia Payment Options


Electronic Funds Withdrawal

You can use OLTPRO to set up a bank withdrawal for the Distric of Columbia

Check or money order
Include a check or money order (US dollars), payable to the DC Treasurer,
with your completed return. Write your social security number,
daytime telephone number, “2014” and the type of form fi led (“D-40”
or “D-40EZ”) on your payment. Attach your payment to the Form
D-40P voucher provided in this booklet. Do not attach either to
your return.

Form D-40P, Payment Voucher
Use this form when sending a check or money order. Do not staple the
voucher to the D-40 or D-40EZ. Include the D-40P with your D-40
or D-40EZ in the return envelope provided. Use the PO Box 96169
mail label from the back fl ap of the return envelope.

By Phone
1. Dial 1-800-272-9829 (available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day)
2. Enter code 6000 (District of Columbia's Jurisdiction Code)
3. Complete the telephone transaction directly with the credit card
processing vendor or electronic check processing vendor, Offi cial
Payments Corporation. You will be given a confi rmation number,
please keep it with your records.

Electronic Check (e-check)
e-check is similar to ACH debit, but it is a one-time transaction where
the taxpayer provides the banking information at the time of payment
instead of storing the information. There is no fee for e-check payments.

Credit/Debit Card
The taxpayer may pay the amount owed using Visa®, MasterCard®,
Discover® or American Express®. You will be charged a fee that is
paid directly to the District's credit card service provider. Payment is
effective on the day it is charged.


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