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Ohio Payment Options

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Ohio Payment Options


Several options are available for paying your Ohio income tax. You may pay by any one of the following three methods:

Credit Card
You may use your Discover/NOVUS, VISA, MasterCard or American Express card to pay your income taxes. You may make credit card payments either by visiting and clicking on the "Make a Payment" link or by calling 1-800-2PAY-TAX (1-800-272-9829).

Whether you visit the Ohio web site or pay by telephone, Official Payments Corporation will provide the credit card services. Official Payments Corporation charges a convenience fee equal to 2.5% (or $1, whichever is greater) of the amount of the transaction. Official Payments Corporation will bill your credit card account for this convenience fee. The state of Ohio does not receive any portion of this fee.

When will my payment be posted?
Your payment will be effective the date you charge it.

What happens if I change my mind?
If you pay your tax liability by credit card and you subsequently reverse the credit card transaction, you may be subject to penalties, interest and other fees imposed by the Ohio Department of Taxation for nonpayment or late payment of your tax liability.

Whom should I call if I have a problem with my credit card payment?
Call Official Payments Corporation toll-free at 1-866-621-4109.

How do I use my credit card and my telephone to pay my Ohio income tax?
Use your touch-tone telephone to call toll-free 1-800-2PAY-TAX or 1-800-272-9829. When prompted, enter the Ohio jurisdiction code, 6446.

How do I use my credit card and the Internet to pay my Ohio income tax?
Go to Select "State Payments" and enter the Ohio jurisdiction code, 6446. Or you may visit our Web site at Select "Make a Payment" and click on e-Payments.

Electronic Check
You can eliminate writing a check for your Ohio individual income tax due amount by using the expanded electronic check payment option that is available to all taxpayers. If you choose to make a payment using an electronic check, it is the equivalent of using a debit card to withdraw money directly from your checking or savings account to pay the balance of the tax you owe.

The authorized amount will be withdrawn from your account within 24 hours unless you elect to delay payment. You can delay payment until the payment deadline of April 15. Regardless of the date you choose, you must make sure that the money is in your account and available at that time. When paying by electronic check, you must first determine your filing method:

TeleFile: Follow the payment instruction prompts that you receive during TeleFile

Ohio I-File and e-Forms: Follow the payment instruction prompts that you receive during Ohio I-File and Ohio e-Forms.

IRS e-file: Direct withdrawal can be set up for the taxpayer through OLTPRO software.

Paper Filing: If you are filing by paper (Ohio form IT 1040 or IT 1040EZ), you can still use the electronic check payment option. Go to our Web site at and click on the "Make a Payment" link. You may also use the electronic check payment option to file and pay your quarterly estimated income tax. Go to our Web site at and click on the "Make a Payment" link. Using this payment method for your quarterly estimate eliminates the need to file a paper copy of Ohio form IT 1040ES.

Paper Check or Money Order
If you do not want to use a credit card or electronic check to make your payment, you may send in a personal check or money order with the payment voucher, Ohio form IT 40P.

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