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PrimoDVD Error - No external drives found -or- The Bravo drive does not show up in "My Computer" (BravoPro, II, XR - PC Only)

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PrimoDVD Error - No external drives found -or- The Bravo drive does not show up in "My Computer" (BravoPro, II, XR - PC Only)


PrimoDVD Error - No external drives found -or- The Bravo drive does not show up in "My Computer" (BravoPro, II, XR - PC Only)

1. Plugin Sequence. Try this sequence for getting the PC to recognize the unit's burner drive(s):

a. Shutdown (not restart) your PC.
b. Unplug everything from the back of the unit.
c. Plug back in the USB 2.0 cable (leaving power cable disconnected).
d. Start your PC.
e. When it has completely finished loading Windows, plug the power cable into the back of the unit.
f. Wait 5 seconds, then open "My Computer" and you should see the drive(s) listed.
g. If the drive is shown you can start copying discs.

2. Reinstall Primo. Use the procedure in this article to reinstall PrimoDVD. 

3. Latest PrimoDVD Software Version. Make sure you have the latest version of PrimoDVD. You may get the error above if you or Primera Service have upgraded/replaced the drive in the Bravo without updating software -or- if you have moved the Bravo from one computer to another and accidentally installed an older version of the software, possibly from the original software disc.

The latest version can be found here: http://www.primera.com/software_upgrade.html


The following are less likely causes of this error:

4. Software Conflicts. Remove any other burning software on the PC, specifically Roxio EZ CD Creator software suite which includes one application called Direct CD. Direct CD has a known issue where it associates its drivers to the Primera unit's drive(s), thus causing a conflict. The Primera unit drive(s) does not use drivers, but rather is seen by the bus host controller. (bus host controller - USB 2.0 card, chipset, etc..) The computer sees the drive as a removable USB 2.0 hardware device and does not need to have drivers installed.

5. Hardware Conflicts. If you have another drive that is the same brand as one in the Primera unit, it may cause a conflict. You could try disabling the drive in your computer via device manager or physically disconnecting the drive from your computer.

6. USB 2.0 Card Driver. Check to see if your USB 2.0 card is being recognized by your computer. Go to "Device Manager" (Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware Tab->Device Manager Button), to see if it is being recognized. You should see USB 2.0 Root Hub under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers section. If it is not being recognized, then you need to try reinstalling your USB 2.0 card driver. In Device Manager, right click on the Universal Serial Bus Controller - choose uninstall. Reboot the PC. The USB 2.0 card driver should automatically reinstall.

7. USB 2.0 Card Quality. Try a different USB 2.0 Card. Make sure you are using a brand name card on a PC, and avoid using laptops, as they have proven to be less reliable. We sell a quality USB 2.0 card that has proven to be reliable. Specifically, we have found problems with cards that have an ALI chipset.

8. USB 2.0 Ports / Hubs. Try different ports on the USB 2.0 card using the proper plug in sequence above. Try another USB cable. (Any USB cable is a USB 2.0 cable - there is no special USB 2.0 cable) Make sure it is less than six feet in length. Unplug other USB devices. The PCI slot that the card is plugged into may not be able to handle multiple simultaneous USB connections. Do not plug the Bravo II into a hub or a pass-through port on an external drive.

9. USB 2.0 Card Slot. Try the USB 2.0 card in a different PCI slot. Be sure to stay clear of the first PCI slot which shares resources with the AGP slot. Make sure the PCI slot the card is using is a 'bus mastered slot'.

10. Mixed Drives. If you have another drive in your computer that is the same manufacturer and similar or the same model as the drive in the unit, this can cause a conflict. Open PrimoDVD, go to Tools - Options - Advanced Tab - Select "Mix any Drive" - Click Okay.

11. Alternate PC. Try it on a new PC with a different USB 2.0 card. You do not need to install any software. Just plug in the USB cable and after a few seconds you should be able to see the drive(s) in My Computer.

12. Repair. We can set up a warranty repair RMA and have the bridge board replaced. The bridge board would be the most likely cause of the problem. The bridge board is the circuit board inside that bridges communication between the drive and the bus host controller. The drive gets converted from IDE to USB 2.0 with this bridge board.

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