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Orange arrow How do I file an extension for my Ohio state taxes?

  Filing extensions: Ohio does not have an extension request form, but honors the IRS extension. If you filed an IRS extension, your due date for filing your Ohio IT 1040 and SD 100 is October 17, 2022. Include a copy of your IRS extension or IRS acknowledgment, and/or your extension confirmation num...
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Orange arrow What Is Covered Under Unsubsidized Health Insurance Expenses/Premium Costs?

  What Is Covered Under Unsubsidized Health Insurance Expenses/Premium Costs? Unreimbursed Health Care Expenses. Some examples of qualifying health care expenses include unreimbursed costs for the following: Prescription medicine or insulin Hospital costs and nursing care Medical, dental and vi...
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Orange arrow What is the School District Income Tax?

  Who Must File a School District Income Tax Return? Only Ohio residents who lived in a taxing school district during any portion of the year are subject to Ohio's school district income tax. Individuals who worked, but did not live, in a taxing school district are not subject to the district&rsquo...
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Orange arrow How do I correct a mistake I made on my Ohio state return?

  You can file an amended Ohio IT 1040 or SD 100 to report changes to your originally filed return(s). An amended return can result in either a tax due or a refund based on the changes. Under certain circumstances, an amended return may be required. To amend the Ohio IT 1040 or SD 100, you should ...
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Orange arrow Ohio Disability and Survivorship Benefits

  Deduct disability and survivor's benefits to the extent included in federal adjusted gross income. To determine if amounts are disability or survivor's benefits, you should refer to the terms of the plan under which the benefits are paid. You may not deduct: --Temporary wage continuation paymen...
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Orange arrow Ohio College Advantage Addition (College Tuition Expenses)

  Enter any amount reported to you on a 1099-Q representing distributions from the Ohio CollegeAdvantage program that meet all of the following: --The amount is not otherwise included in your federal adjusted gross income; --The amount was not used to pay for qualified higher-education expenses an...
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Orange arrow Ohio Estimated Payments

  If your income is subject to Ohio withholding, you generally do not need to make estimated payments. You should make estimated payments for tax year 2022 if your estimated Ohio tax liability (total tax minus total credits) less Ohio withholding is more than $500. Estimated payments are made quar...
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Orange arrow How can I contact the state of Ohio?

  Email – Visit tax.ohio.gov/emailus to access a secure email form. Complete all required fields before submitting your question. Call – You may call to speak with an examiner at 1-800-282-1780 during the Department's normal business hours. Normal business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:...
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Orange arrow Opportunity Zone Credit

  Starting with tax year 2019 returns: This credit is granted by the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD). To claim this credit, you must attach a copy of the certificate from ODOD that indicates the amount of the credit and the tax year for which the credit is awarded. Additionally, if this credit...
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Orange arrow Ohio Modified Adjusted Gross Income

  Modified Adjusted Gross Income Modified adjusted gross income is your Ohio adjusted gross income (Ohio IT 1040, line 3) plus your business income deduction (Ohio Schedule of Adjustments, line 11). If you did not take a business income deduction, your modified adjusted gross income matches your Ohi...
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Orange arrow Ohio Nonresident Statement

  Ohio Nonresident Statement Nonresidents who meet certain required criteria and wish to establish an irrebuttable presumption of non-Ohio residency for the tax year may check these boxes instead of filing form IT NRS. The five required criteria are listed below and on page 48 under the heading, &ld...
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Orange arrow Ohio Income Tax Tables

  **Ohio Income Tax Tables. Beginning with tax year 2021, individuals with Ohio taxable nonbusiness income of $25,000 or less are not subject to Ohio income tax. Additionally, Ohio taxable nonbusiness income in excess of $110,650 is taxed at 3.99%. All other rates were reduced by 3%. See pages 31-37 ...
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Orange arrow Ohio Political Fund

  Beginning with tax year 2019, taxpayers may no longer designate $1 of their tax liability to go to the Ohio Political Party Fund. Prior years (before 2019): The Ohio General Assembly established this fund to support public financing of Ohio political parties. Monies from this fund may only be use...
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Orange arrow How can I check the status of my Ohio state refund?

  Check Your Refund Status Anytime, Anywhere! 24-Hour Hotline - 1-800-282-1784 Online at tax.ohio.gov/refund Mobile App - Search "Ohio Taxes" on your device's app store....
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Orange arrow Ohio Campaign Contribution Credit

  To qualify for this credit, you must have contributed money to the campaign committee of a candidate for any of the following Ohio offices: ● Governor or lieutenant governor ● Secretary of state ● Auditor of state ● Treasurer of state ● Attorney general ● Chief justice of the Ohio Supr...
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