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Orange arrow Pennsylvania Tax Due Payment Options

  Make your check or money order payable to: PA DEPT OF REVENUE. • Write (1) your complete SSN, (2) "20XX PA-V", and (3) a daytime telephone number on your check or money order. If you are filing a joint return, enter the complete SSN of the taxpayer shown first on your return. The department ...
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Orange arrow What is my filing status on the Pennsylvania return?

  Filing Status Fill in the oval that describes your status on Dec. 31. You do not have to file a PA tax return if you do not individually meet the requirements described under Who Must File a PA Tax Return? If you do not live in Pennsylvania and do not have any income (loss) from PA sources, you ...
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Orange arrow How can I correct a mistake on my Pennsylvania state return?

  An amended PA-40 Personal Income Tax Return and Schedule PA-40X should not be used to make corrections to a tax return if the amended return will be filed within four months of the end of three years from the due date of the original return (not including extensions). In such cases, it is recommend...
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Orange arrow How can I contact the state of Pennsylvania about my taxes?

  Taxpayer Service and Information Center Call (717) 787-8201 for PA Personal Income Tax help during normal business hours, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Automated 24-hour FACT & Information Line: 1-888-PATAXES (728-2937) or (717) 772-9739 This service provides:- Answers to some of the most commonly aske...
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Orange arrow How can I get an extension to file my Pennsylvania state taxes?

  Filing Due DateYou must file before midnight, April 18,2022. The U.S. Postal Service postmark date on your envelope is proof of timely filing. You must report all taxable income received or accrued from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. If you cannot file by the due date, request an extension of time to file...
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Orange arrow Pennsylvania Tax Forgiveness

  Through Tax Forgiveness, eligible working families who paid income tax throughout the year may be refunded some or all of that tax paid. Retired persons and low-income individuals who did not have PA income tax withheld from earnings may have PA income tax liabilities forgiven. To receive Tax Forg...
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Orange arrow How can I check the status of my Pennsylvania state refund?

  You can check online at: "Where's My Refund", http://www.doreservices.state.pa.us/Individual/Refund You will need the primary social security number on the return, and the amount of refund requested. This is available 24 hours a day. Or, contact the Department's Taxpayer Service & Informati...
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Orange arrow Pennsylvania Medical Savings Account

  Pennsylvania Medical Savings Account and Health Savings Account Contributions Pennsylvania follows federal rules for these deductions. If you can take these deductions on your federal return and you wish to claim them for PA purposes, you must complete PA Schedule O and include a copy of Page 1 of ...
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Orange arrow Pennsylvania Education Expenses

  Education Expenses The federal and PA rules for educational expenses are similar, but not exactly the same. For PA purposes, costs for education expenses that you pay or incur are allowable only if: • The education is specifically required by law or by your employer to retain an establishe...
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Orange arrow Pennsylvania Donations

  PA BREAST CANCER COALITION’S BREAST AND CERVICAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND You have the opportunity to contribute to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition’s Refunds for Breast and Cervical Cancer Research fund by making a donation of all or a part of your tax refund. Every penny of your donation g...
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Orange arrow How can I determine if I am a resident of Pennsylvania?

  Residency Status (R) Resident If you were a resident of Pennsylvania for all of the tax year. You must report all income (losses) regardless of the source from which you earned, received, or realized the income (loss). Nonresidents and Part-Year ResidentsNonresidents and part-year residents use t...
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Orange arrow Pennsylvania Taxable Income

  The PA-40 line number on which to report the income follows each item. Classify means report the income in the appropriate PA income class based on all facts and circumstances. See PA PIT Guide for more information. - Employer provided fringe benefits, unless excludable (Line 1a) - Sick pay and d...
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Orange arrow Pennsylvania Nontaxable Income

  Income Not Taxable for PA Personal Income Tax Purposes: - Social Security benefits and/or Railroad Retirement benefits - Commonly recognized pension, old age, or retirement benefits paid after becoming eligible to retire, and retiring - United Mine Workers Pension - Military pension benefits - Civ...
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