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Printing Direct From Your DSLR (IP60)

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Printing Direct From Your DSLR Camera (IP60)


The IP60 does not allow printing directly from a DSLR camera through Wi-Fi or direct USB connection. This includes protocols like PictBridge enabled cameras.

However, there are a few options and workarounds for shooting and automatically printing.

Tethered Shooting

Most Camera manufacturers offer a tethering software which allow you to plug your camera into a computer to directly transfer and view photo taken on your DSLR as they are shot. Consult your software or camera manual for print options.

Additionally there a number of free and paid software options available to do the same. One of these free options that offers automatic printing is digiCamControl which supports a wide range of Nikon, Canon and Sony DSLR cameras. 

We’ll have a knowledgebase article on how to do this soon.

DSLR Compatible Photo Booth Software

Many popular photo booth softwares offer a similar tethered shooting option but in a photo booth environment.

DSLR Remote Pro by Breeze or DSLRBooth are two popular software options but there are many compatible booth software programs out there that will work with any printer.

Please visit the software webpage for details on how to set up.

Batch Printing Photos

Primera Snap currently has the ability to only print one photo at a time so if you’re looking to quickly and automatically print a folder or SD card full of prints a batch photo printing software is needed. Most batch printing software should work but we have tested and verified the IP60 to work well with both Print Conductor and Photo Elf. Both programs offer a free version and an affordable paid version.

HotFolder Print Software

Software such as Breeze’s Hotfolder Prints allows you to automatically monitor and print from a pre-determined folder on your computer.

If your camera is Wi-Fi enabled, there will be a software available from your camera’s manufacturer that will interface with the camera over Wi-Fi and allow you to automatically transfer your photo to a selected folder on your computer. Please see your camera’s software disc or website for details.

To automatically print to the IP60 from this folder you will need a program like Breeze’s Hotfolder Prints which will allow you to monitor a folder on your computer and automatically print any image that is copied into that folder. From there you can coordinate sending photos from your camera to this folder for automatic printing as you shoot.

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