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How do I print from my Photo Booth Software to the IP60?

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How do I print from my Photo Booth Software to the IP60?


Photo Booth Software - What Works with IP60?


Booth Junkie - https://www.boothjunkie.co.uk/
-Known Issue: Always prints two 2x6” photo strips when you select printing one.

Breeze - https://www.breezesys.com/  (includes Webcam Photobooth, DSLR Remote Pro, Hotfolder Prints, Breeze Kiosk and Flipbook Photobooth)
-Known Issue: Problem printing odd number of 2x6” strips only from the reprint menu in Webcam Booth

Darkroom Booth - http://www.darkroomsoftware.com/products/booth/
-Known Issue: Prints multiples of 2 for 2x6” strips only from reprint menu only. Printing 2x6” from booth works correctly.

DSLRBooth - https://dslrbooth.com/

Photoboof! - http://www.photoboof.com/

Photo Booth Upload (LA Photo Party) - https://laphotoparty.com/photo-booth-software/photo-booth-upload/
-Known Issues: Cannot print multiple strips. There is a fix from LA Photo Party that is currently in beta. Cannot run a booth session that uses two different print sizes, the last size set will override the first one.

Social Booth/Photo Booth Solutions - http://www.photoboothsolutions.com/socialbooth/

Sparkbooth - https://sparkbooth.com/


Snappic - https://www.getsnappic.com/

Lumabooth - https://dslrbooth.com/lumabooth-photo-booth-app
-Known Issue: Does not allow for printing single 2x6” strips

Pixbooth (Curator) - https://home.curatorlive.com/
-Known Issue: Cannot run a single booth session with two different print sizes, IP60 always defaults to last size set.

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