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The laminator is laminating with poor quality. What can I do?

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The laminator is laminating with poor quality. What can I do?


The laminator is laminating with poor quality.  What can I do?

Media. The most important factor contributing to poor lamination results is incompatible media. Remember, whether media laminates well has nothing to do with how well it burns or prints. Not all media will laminate well. We recommend Accent Certified media kits available through www.PrimeraStore.com. We constantly check our media supply for proper lamination. Even if you have discovered a brand of media that laminates well, that is no guarantee the media will continue to laminate well. Media manufacturers are constantly changing their printable surface to achieve better quality or to reduce the cost of manufacturing. Most do not consider the impact it will have on the media's ability to take lamination. We have exclusive contracts with certain manufacturers which guarantee they will not change the formula of the media they ship us. In fact, the same company may be shipping differently formulated media of the same part number to other distributors.

Silver Vs. White. If you do find a media that laminates well, there may be two different types of media available. White media is coated with a matte surface and generally laminates best. "Silver" media has a glossy white surface that looks like shiny silver when laminated. It can look fantastic but it has a tendency to show what looks like speckles, pits or bubbles on the laminated disc. This is due to the dust that can accumulate on the surface of the disc before it is laminated. This dust is present on all discs but shows more easily on Silver discs. It is possible but extremely difficult to eliminate this dust by keeping the laminating environment clean. Adjusting heat or tray speed settings will not affect this. See this article for an example of laminated silver media.

Heat. In rare cases adjusting heat can increase quality. However, typically adjusting heat is only useful if you have problems with the laminate not covering the entire surface of the disc or if the laminate is pulling off the printed surface of the disc.

Tray Speed. Refer to this article for information on adjusting the tray speed.

Laminate. If the laminate looks dull, smoky or hazy it could be a bad roll of laminate. Try a new roll to see if the problem disappears. Contact tech support for a replacement roll.

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