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New Jersey Homestead Rebate

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New Jersey Homestead Rebate


You may be eligible if you met these requirements:

  • You were a New Jersey resident; and
  • You owned and occupied a home in New Jersey that was your principal residence on October 1; and
  • Property Taxes for 2021 were paid on that home; and
  • You met the 2021 income requirements

*If you were not a homeowner on October 1, you are not eligible for a Homestead Benefit, even if you owned a home for part of the year.

You are not eligible unless you are required to pay Property Taxes on your home. For example, you are not eligible if:

  • You are completely exempt from paying Property Taxes on your principal residence (such as certain totally and permanently disabled war veterans).
  • You made P.I.L.O.T. (Payments-in-Lieu-of-Tax) payments to your municipality. These payments are not considered Property Taxes for purposes of the Homestead Benefit.

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