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Vermont Contributions

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Vermont Contributions


Enter the amount on the line(s) for the fund(s) to which you wish to contribute. Your refund will be reduced, or your payment increased, by this amount.

Your refund or payment must cover all contribution amounts or no contribution is made. Example: Your return calculations show a $60 refund and you make a $30 contribution - $10 to each fund. Upon processing, the Department discovers a math error and your refund is now $25. The refund is less than the $30 contribution. You will receive the $25 as an income tax refund and no contributions are made.

VT Nongame Wildlife Fund Contribution
Together we saved the loon. Let’s not stop now! Other animals like bats and bald eagles are still at risk. Your donation helps protect Vermont’s endangered wildlife for future generations to enjoy. Every $1 you give means an extra $2 helping Vermont’s wildlife.  Go to www.vtfishandwildlife.com or call 802-828-1000.

Children's Trust Fund (VCTF) Contribution
Connected kids are safe, successful kids. Support prevention programs for children in your community, including after-school care, mentoring, teen leadership, literacy, arts programs, substance abuse prevention, and more.  Go to www.vtchildrenstrust.org or call (888) 475-5437

Vermont Veterans Fund-Give to our nearly 50,000 honorably discharged veterans. The fund helps veterans who are homeless, need long-term care, or need transportation. It also helps veterans apply for benefits and supports recognition programs.  Go to www.veterans.vermont.gov or call (802) 828-3379

Green Up Vermont- Keep Vermont green and clean! Your gift supports Green Up Day, a unique Vermont tradition that brings together families, neighbors, and communitiesto remove litter and restore the natural beauty of our state every spring.  Go to www.greenupvermont.org or call (802) 229-4586





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