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Hawaii Election Campaign Fund

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Hawaii Election Campaign Fund


(For Hawaii State and County Elections) This Fund supports the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission, a watchdog agency that works to ensure that all campaign donations and expenditures are made public and comply with campaign finance laws to prevent corruption in politics. The Fund also supports the public financing of political campaigns which makes qualified candidates less dependent on private special interest donors to fund their campaigns. 

If you have a tax liability of at least $3 ($6 if married and filing a joint return), you can choose to contribute to the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund. If you fill in the “Yes” oval, $3 will go from the State General Fund to the Hawaii Election Campaign Fund. If you are filing a joint return, and your spouse wants $3 to go to the Fund, fill in the second “Yes” oval.

Filling in “Yes” will not increase your tax or reduce your refund.

Once made, the designation cannot be revoked for this taxable year.

See the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission website at hawaii.gov/campaign or call 808-586-0285 for more information.

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