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Mississippi Voluntary Checkoff Funds

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What are the Mississippi voluntary checkoff funds I can donate to?


You may contribute all or part of your 2020 income tax refund to one or more of the seven (7) funds approved by the Legislature. Contributions to a fund must be at least $1. In order to contribute to one of the funds, you must complete and attach Form 80-108, Part III. The total from Form 80-108, Part III should be entered on here.

Your contribution may be claimed as a tax deductible charitable contribution on your state and federal income tax returns. Once your return is filed, your contribution is final and cannot be refunded.

Contributions to the Mississippi Military Family Relief Fund This fund is to provide grants to families that experience a financial hardship as a result of a family member who is a Mississippi resident and who is a member of the Mississippi National Guard or the reserves of the Armed Forces of the United States being called to active duty as a result of September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Contributions to Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service Fund These refund donations may be expended by the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Services to advance community service and volunteer work among Mississippians.

Contributions to the Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Fund These refund donations are used to study, protect and manage our non-game wildlife, endangered species and special natural areas.

Since 1986, when the Wildlife Heritage Fund was established, tax refund contributions have been used to: (1) fund more than one hundred research projects which produced valuable information on rare plant and animal species; (2) reintroduce bald eagles to our state's barrier islands; (3) record and publish the songs and sounds of Mississippi's birds and frogs; and (4) help rehabilitate injured birds of prey.

If you are not due a refund, but wish to contribute, make a check or money order payable to the Wildlife Heritage Fund and mail it to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, P. O. Box 451, Jackson, MS 39205-0451.

Contributions to the Mississippi Educational Trust Fund The principal of the trust fund shall remain inviolate and shall be invested as provided by general law. Interest and income derived from investment of the principal of the trust fund may be appropriated by a majority vote of the elected membership of each house of the Legislature and expended exclusively for the education of the elementary and secondary school students and/or vocational and technical training in this state.

Contributions to Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks-Foundation These refund donations are used to build, upgrade, and/or improve our Fisheries and Parks managed by the Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks Commission.

If you are not due a refund, but wish to contribute, make a check or money order payable to Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks Foundation. The mailing address is Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, P.O. Box 14194, Jackson, MS 39236.

Contributions to Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration Fund These funds will be used for the purpose of designating, coordinating and providing programs with respect to the formal Bicentennial celebration of the State of Mississippi in 2018.

Contributions to Mississippi Burn Care Fund Donations to the Fund will be forwarded to the Burn Center for use in its operations.




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