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Do I have to file an Alabama state return?

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Do I have to file an Alabama state return?


For 2020:

Full year resident                                                                                                                 gross income of at least

Single                                                                   Single                                                        $4,000

                                                                            HOH                                                          $7,700

Married                                                                 Filing jointly                                               $10,500

                                                                            Filing separate                                            $5,250    


Part year resident

Single                                                                 Single                                                          $4,000 while AL resident

                                                                          HOH                                                            $7,700 while AL resident

Married                                                               Filing jointly                                                 $10,500 while AL resident

                                                                          Filing separate                                             $5,250 while AL resident


Non Resident

Single or HOH       

Married (joint or separate)                                                                                                      Over the allowable    

                                                                                                                                             pro-rated exemption                         


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