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How do I amend my Utah state tax return?

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How do I amend my Utah state tax return?


To amend a previously filed return, use the tax forms and instructions for the year you are amending. You can get prior year forms and instructions at
Amend your return if:
- You discover an error on your Utah or federal return after it is filed; or
- Your federal return is audited or adjusted by the IRS and the audit or adjustment affects your Utah return. You must amend your Utah return within 90 days of the IRS's final determination. Contact the Tax Commission if you are unsure whether or not your Utah taxes are affected by an audit or adjustment.

To qualify for a refund or credit, you must file an amended return within three years after the original return was due. (A return filed before the due date is considered filed on the due date.) If an amended return must be filed based on changes made by the IRS, you must file your claim for refund or credit within two years after a Utah amended return had to be filed.

If the original return was filed and accepted using, log into your account and select the tax year to amend.  On the summary page, select to amend the return.  (Many times you will need to "amend" the federal return first before selecting to amend the state (making the correction in the federal return which will pull to the state return))



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