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How Do I Determine my Oklahoma Residency Status?

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How Do I Determine my Oklahoma Residency Status?


Resident... An Oklahoma resident is a person domiciled in this state for the entire tax year. “Domicile” is the place established as a person’s true, fixed, and permanent home. It is the place you intend to return to whenever you are away (as on vacation abroad, business assignment, educational leave or military assignment). A domicile, once established, remains until a new one is adopted.

Part-Year Resident... A part-year resident is an individual whose domicile was in Oklahoma for a period of less than 12 months during the tax year.

Nonresident... A nonresident is an individual whose domicile was not in Oklahoma for any portion of the tax year.

Members of the Armed Forces... Residency is established according to military domicile as established by the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act. If you were an Oklahoma resident at the time you entered military service, assignment to duty outside Oklahoma does not of itself change your state of residence. You must file your return as a resident of Oklahoma until such time as you establish a permanent residence in another state and change your military records (as evidenced by the military’s Form DD2058). See the specific instructions for Schedule 511-C, line C1 - Military Pay Exclusion. When the spouse of a military member is a civilian and has the same legal residency as the military member, the spouse may retain such legal residency. They file a joint resident tax return in the military members’ State of Legal Residency (if required) and are taxed jointly under nonresident rules as they move from state to state. If the non-military spouse does not have the same legal residency as the military member, the same residency rules apply as would apply to any other civilian. The spouse would then comply with all residency rules where living. An Oklahoma resident filing a joint federal return with a nonresident spouse may have options on how to file the Oklahoma return(s). See “Filing Status” in the “Top of Form Instructions” on page 6 for further information.



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