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Orange arrow Who is my Command Approver?

  Your Command Approver must be your Commanding Officer or designated “By Direction Authority.” Enter your Command Approver’s email in the appropriate space on the TA/NCPACE DL Application carefully to ensure the correct person receives it. Applications must be Command Approved e...
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Orange arrow What are the requirements for Command Approval and does that mean my tuition assistance application is authorized/funded?

  Command Approval is a review and approval process prior to your application going forward for Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC) authorization. Your command will verify that you: have been onboard one-year at the first permanent duty station or granted a waiver by the CO and OIC befor...
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Orange arrow What criteria do command approvers have to certify for Tuition Assistance?

  Command Approver Certification CriteriaAll command approvers should be familiar with the criteria to determine a Sailor’s eligibility to receive TA funding prior to granting a command endorsement of the TA request. Eligible Requirements:When a Sailor’s request for Tuition Assistance is...
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Orange arrow What happens after my tuition assistance is command approved?

  Following command approval, you will receive an email notification that your TA/NCPACE Application has been sent to the Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC). The request is authorized/funded when the VEC generates an authorization voucher. You will receive a notification email when the v...
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Orange arrow I checked My Education for my application status; it says “submitted for command approval” and my Command Approver or ESO never received the link, what do I do?

  The command approval link is sent to the command approver email address following submission of the TA/NCPACE DL Application. If the command approver does not receive the email link, follow the below steps: Ensure the Command Approver's email is entered correctly. Resubmit the application. Use...
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Orange arrow Is there training or guidance for Command Approvers?

  Yes, there is TA Command Approver Training and various videos, checklists, and additional information for command approvers on the “Resources for Commands” page at our website:
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Orange arrow I’m the Command Approver for my command. Can I approve my own tuition assistance requests?

  Command Approvers should never approve their own WebTA TA/NCPACE DL applications. It is a conflict of interest. The command approver verifies specific eligibility requirements. The command approver must be your Commanding Officer or designated “By Direction Authority.” If you are the...
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