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Orange arrow I have been promoted how do I change my rate/rank?

  The rate/rank displayed by USMAP comes directly from the respective military personnel systems. USMAP personnel cannot change your military account information. Changes in rate or rank does not affect your USMAP data....
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Orange arrow I was cancelled, how do I reinstate?

  To have your trade reinstated you must go to the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) website home page ( At the top of the page, click on the Enroll/Reinstate link. Complete the enrollment process. Important Note: Reinstatement is in accordance with...
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Orange arrow Why was my trade cancelled?

  Trades are automatically cancelled after 18 months without a report. The apprentice must follow the reporting procedures and submit the required semi-annual or progress status reports that you agreed to during initial enrollment....
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Orange arrow What is pre-registration credit?

  Pre-registration credit is hours that are given only at time of initial trade enrollment, if eligible. Pre-registration credit will NOT be awarded for trades of 2200 hours or less. Pre-registration credit will never exceed 50% of the total required hours. Credit is based on the date of completion o...
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Orange arrow How do I change my trade?

  If you enrolled in the wrong trade or just wish to change trades, you must first be cancelled from your current trade as you can only be enrolled in one trade at a time. Once cancelled, you may enroll in another trade....
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Orange arrow How do I cancel or suspend my trade?

  To cancel your trade, log-in to your record and click the Cancel Trade link. To suspend your trade, submit an email to requesting suspension. Make sure to include the reason for suspension in the email....
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Orange arrow When will I get my Department of Labor completion certificate?

  Department of Labor completion certificates take approximately 3-4 weeks to arrive in the mail. Ensure your address is correct online. Please review the completion email for details....
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Orange arrow How do I change my address or email?

  Go to the USMAP website home page (, click on the My Records link at the top of the page, and then log in. Click the Edit link next to Contact Information, make needed changes and then click Save....
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