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Orange arrow Can I take a course for a rate other than my own?

  You may enroll in courses for any rate even if it is not your own....
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Orange arrow Can I enroll in the same course twice?

  No, unless the course has undergone a revision....
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Orange arrow Who do I contact if I have trouble accessing the NRTC courses on the new site?

  If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the courses via the NeL LMS, please contact the NRTC program Manager @
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Orange arrow The course I want to take is not listed as a LMS course? When will it become available?

  There are currently over 60 courses migrated to the new LMS with more being added weekly. The target for complete migration is the end of the calendar year. However, all courses are located in a downloadable format on the My Navy Portal website....
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Orange arrow What are the benefits of completing Non-Resident Training Courses?

  Completion of these courses may fulfill local command eligibility requirements for advancement and may provide retirement points for reservists....
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Orange arrow Is completion of Navy Rating Courses mandatory to be advanced?

  Non-Resident Training courses are not mandatory for advancement, though they may be strongly encouraged by your command....
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Orange arrow What are Non-Resident Training Courses?

  Non-Resident Training Courses (NRTCs) are self-study courses designed to help a student acquire Navy professional or military knowledge. NRTC/Rate Training Manual (RTM):
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Orange arrow What is (Navy E-Learning) NeL and what courses are available through this program?

  Navy E-Learning (NeL) is an online learning tool for general and rate specific training; this is where the NRTC courses will be located effective 1 October 2018.
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Orange arrow Who is eligible to enroll in Non-Resident Training Courses?

  Non-Resident Training Courses are available to Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel who are active duty, reserve, IRR, or Department of Defense who possess a valid Common Access Card (CAC).
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Orange arrow Now that the NRTC courses are on the Navy e-Learning (NeL) system, what has changed?

  The courses have not changed. What has changed is the access to the courses which now goes through the NeL Learning Management System (LMS) and is CAC enforced. You will be unable to access the courses without a valid CAC card.
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Orange arrow I am an Individual Ready Reservist (IRR) and I don’t have a CAC card to access the Navy E-Learning (NeL) site, what do I do?

  Unfortunately, the courses are now located on the Navy E-Learning (NeL) system which is CAC enforced. Only those with a valid CAC containing the appropriate certificates and permissions will be able to access the courses. For additional questions contact NPC Customer Service at 1-866-827-5672 or 8...
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Orange arrow How can I obtain a course description for a particular course?

  Course descriptions are included in the course list on both My Navy Portal and the Navy E-Learning (NeL) site. View additional course information by clicking on the course title in the list.
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Orange arrow How do I get course materials?

  Course materials are now available entirely online. They can be downloaded from either the My Navy Portal website or the Navy e-Learning site.
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Orange arrow How are courses/assignments graded?

  Assignments should be submitted to our web site as they are completed (or when connectivity is re-gained) and instant scoring is available. Your completion letter is available as soon as you pass all assignments....
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Orange arrow What can I access on the LMS?

  You can enroll in courses, check course load, submit assignments, make personal data corrections and view grades all online.
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