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Cancel Application and/or Vouchers

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How do I cancel a TA/NCPACE DL Application or cancel an authorized voucher?


If the application has not been authorized/funded by the NCVEC, login to the My Education portal and cancel your application under “Existing Applications.” 

Note:  Members can cancel their applications before and after command approval.

If the application has been authorized/funded, contact the NCVEC to request cancellation of the authorization voucher:

  • Chat with a counselor (during business hours):
  • Submit a Help Request Ticket:
  • Send a text message from your mobile device (during business hours): 877-838-1659
  • Call the NCVEC (during business hours): DSN 492-4684 or 877-838-1659

Navy College Virtual Education Center hours are 0700-1900 eastern time.

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