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What is a Security Clearance Card?

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What is a Security Clearance Card?


A Security Clearance Card starts with an in-depth Criminal Background Check performed by a licensed Private Investigator. Once the results are in, we measure the background results against detailed criteria. Our Investigators then certify an individual worthy to receive our Security Clearance Card. In situations where companies do not want to see a full background report or personal information, a simple online verification of your Security Clearance Card shows you have passed a detailed background investigation. Security Clearance Cards can be used in Business to Business transactions where having the right people in vulnerable situations is a must. Whether you are representing another company as a contractor, servicing a bank, in people’s personal homes or around their family, a Security Clearance Card says you have no prior history of moral turpitude and can be trusted in these situations.

An individual can obtain their Security Clearance Card for situations that require identity and background check verification. Now entities can verify the real you without bearing the expense. Do you volunteer? Date online? Provide babysitting services? Buy or sell at Craigslist or other personal ads? A Security Clearance Card says “I am one of the good guys.” In addition you will not have your personal information out there to be stolen and used for identity theft.

Security Clearance Cards have a one year validation and are updated annually.

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