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Renters Insurance

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Why should I require my tenants to have Renter's Insurance?


Here at Rent Perfect we highly recommend you require tenants to obtain a Renter's Insurance policy. Considering how affordable Renter's Insurance is it's a no brainer for your tenants to obtain their own policy, while living at your rental or anywhere else. Once someone is approved by you they can even apply for a policy right through their account on the Rent Perfect website. We have arranged a special rate at  that includes an option for up to 300,000 in liability insurance and also the option to cover their own personal property as well. Premiums for liability insurance start at less then $5 and most Personal Property policy premiums are under $15. Many landlords think they are covered because they have their own Home Owner's Insurance policy for their rental, however this is not always the case.  Renter's insurance gives added protection to you should a lawsuit at your property arise due to your tenant's negligence. Also, in the event something happens to your property such as a fire or flood that is no fault of your tenant, this will ensure the tenant's own personal property is covered giving both you and your tenant peace of mind. Should something unfortunate happen, both you and your tenant will be grateful you are covered.


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Renters insurance policies through Norton Real Protect Arthur J. Galagher Co.

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