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My Signature Pro is not printing centered.

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My Signature Pro is not printing centered.


My Signature Pro is not printing centered. 

You will need to run a centering calibration test print.

Go to
the Start Menu - Control Panel - Printers - Right click on CD Color Print Pro - Choose Preferences. Go to Calibration options - Centering test. Run the centering test - enter the values according to the disc. More information regarding this procedure can be found in your Manual.

Sometimes calibration can be so far off that the values on the calibration disc are not helpful. In this case you would need to enter the number based on the image you printed via SureThing. Remember, when the CD prints and is finished lying in the tray, it is upside down if you are facing it from the front. It might be helpful to print another image to see how far off the calibration is. Leave the disc in the tray and refer to the diagram on the calibratin screen to enter the correct values.

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