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Idaho Voluntary Contributions

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What Idaho voluntary contributions can I select on my return?


Donations are voluntary and will either reduce your refund or increase your tax due. Your choice to donate is irrevocable; you cannot get a refund later. These donations may be itemized as charitable contribution deductions on your federal income tax return next year. If you have questions regarding your donation(s), you may contact the agencies listed.

IDAHO NONGAME WILDLIFE FUND-Contributions are used to ensure the conservation andmanagement of nongame wildlife, rare plants, and their habitatsin Idaho, to promote greater awareness of and appreciation forspecies that aren't hunted, fi shed, or trapped, and to increaseopportunities to view and enjoy “watchable” wildlife. Donationsare used for a variety of projects including studies of rareanimals in an eff ort to better manage them so they don’t becomethreatened or endangered, educational programs and community projects, development of wildlife viewing sites throughoutthe state, informational brochures, and a nongame wildlifenewspaper series available to the public and used by teachers.Contact the Department of Fish and Game at (208) 334-2920.

IDAHO CHILDREN'S TRUST FUND/PREVENT CHILD ABUSE IDAHO-Contributions are used to protect our children, Idaho’s singlegreatest resource. The Children's Trust supports work incommunities throughout Idaho to prevent child abuse andneglect before it ever occurs. Preventing child abuse ensuresthe future prosperity of the state, supports communities andenhances healthy child development. Funded programs includefamily support and strengthening programs, parent education,voluntary home visitation for first-time parents, public awarenessof the life-long consequences of child abuse and neglect, childabuse prevention and child safety education in schools. Contactthe Idaho Children’s Trust Fund/Prevent Child Abuse Idaho at(208) 386-9317 or visit

SPECIAL OLYMPICS IDAHO-Contributions provide support for year-round sports training and competition for children and adults with developmental disabilities in Idaho. Through sports training and competition, Special Olympics Idaho teaches life skills such as dedication, perseverance and focus, while instilling confidence. With these skills, 50% of Special Olympics athletes are employed while only 10%-14% of the general population of people with developmental disabilities hold jobs. Donations to this fund will be used to buy sports equipment, uniforms, food, lodging and transportation services for competitions, as well as health screenings, outreach programs and family support systems for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Contact Special Olympics Idaho at (208) 323-0482 or visit

IDAHO GUARD AND RESERVE FAMILY SUPPORT FUND-Contributions are used to assist military reservists and their families in order to promote the overall readiness for them to support our state and federal missions. The Idaho Guard and Reserve Family Support Fund (IGRFSF) helps members of the Idaho Air National Guard, the Idaho Army National Guard, the Air Force Reserve, the Army Reserve, the Navy & Marine Reserves, along with their families, when duty calls. The Fund acts as an emergency relief fund and operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofi t corporation. Contact the Idaho Guard and Reserve Family Support Fund, Inc. at (208) 272-4361.

VETERANS SUPPORT FUND-Contributions help provide specialized medical/physical therapy equipment for the three State Veterans Homes, support veterans organizations throughout the state, assist homeless veterans programs in Idaho, promote and market the activities of the Offi ce of Veterans Advocacy, develop an ongoing program for nurse recruitment and retention, supplement training for state and county service offi cers, and create an Idaho division of Veterans Services scholarship program to help veterans fund their education. Contact the Idaho Division of Veterans Services at (208) 577-2310.

IDAHO FOOD BANK FUND-Contributions assist Idaho hunger relief organizations in meeting the demand for emergency food for hungry Idaho families, children, and senior citizens. Contributions allow the Idaho Food Bank Fund to provide grants to Idaho nonprofi t groups to increase their capacity to provide hunger relief in Idaho. The Idaho Food Bank Fund is a statewide collaboration administrated by the Idaho Foodbank, Catholic Charities of Idaho, and Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho. Visit for more information.

OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM-Contributions help provide need-based scholarship funds to Idaho high school graduates who attend approved higher education institutions within Idaho. This need-based program is built on a shared responsibility model. Students must contribute to cost of attendance, and apply for other financial aid sources including federal aid. Awards are renewable for up to four years and are based primarily on financial need with some academic consideration. Students must meet a minimum GPA while completing their studies to be eligible for renewal. For more information about the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship Program, please visit opportunity.asp.


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