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Idaho Health and Long-Term Care Insurance

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Can I deduct my Idaho health and long-term care insurance?


You may deduct the amount you paid in premiums for qualified long-term care insurance that aren't otherwise deducted or accounted for. If you claimed a deduction for long-term care insurance on your federal Form 1040, Schedule A, calculate the long-term care insurance allowed as a deduction by using the worksheet in the instructions for line 18.

Qualified long-term care insurance includes any insurance policy that provides coverage for at least twelve consecutive months for yourself, your spouse, or your dependents for one or more necessary diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitative, maintenance or personal care services, provided in a setting other than an acute care unit of a hospital.

Group and individual annuities and life insurance policies that provide directly or that supplement long-term care insurance qualify. This includes a policy that provides for payment of benefits based upon cognitive impairment or loss of functional capacity. Qualified long-term care insurance doesn't include any insurance policy that is offered primarily to provide coverage for:

- Basic Medicare supplement,
- Basic hospital expense,
- Basic medical surgical expense,
- Hospital confinement indemnity,
- Major medical expense,
- Disability income or related asset protection,
- Accident only,
- Specified disease or specified accident, or
- Limited benefit health.

Life insurance policies that accelerate death benefits generally do not qualify.

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