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Error IND-027 Spouse PIN information

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Error IND-027 Spouse PIN information



If 'PINTypeCode' in the Return Header has the value "Self-Select On-Line", and
'SpouseDateOfBirth' has a value, then 'SpousePriorYearAGI or 'SpousePriorYearPIN' must have a value.

This error means that you have left out a required piece of data on the PIN page for the SPOUSE on the return,

To Correct:

Log into your return, go to the PIN page located on the Review tab in the program. You can click on the Review tab and continue thru to the last page in that section.

For the primary and spouse, the prior year PIN or AGI ( Adjusted Gross Income)  is required and a current year PIN.

The prior year AGI for anyone who filed married filing joint in the prior year will be the same amount for both, not divided between them.


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