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E-file Rejection errors due to incorrect pin.

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I received efile rejection due to incorrect pin for the primary or/and the spouse. How do I correct this?

The IRS uses the following entries to verify the filers: 
(1) Last Year Adjusted Gross Income OR 
(2) Last Years Self Select Pin OR
If one of those entries matches the IRS database, you will receive e-file acceptance.  
Your AGI(adjusted gross income) in located on form 1040 line 37, form 1040A line 21, or 1040 EZ line 4.  Enter as a whole number (no dollar sign, no decimal, or no cents)


Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. I filled out Last Year Adjusted Gross Income and the IRS rejected it.
    Answer: If you did not file a tax return last year or if you filed late (return was processed after November 17, 2018), then enter $0 as the adjusted gross income and resubmit the return.  
  2. I have tried everything and my return keeps getting pin error rejection. 
    Answer: You will need to file it on paper (by mailing in).





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