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Form 1095 A

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Form 1095A received for Marketplace Coverage


For tax year  beginning 2019, you will select Yes or NO to the health coverage question and select if you received a form 1095A for marketplace coverage in the "my info" page.  If you had coverage through the federal marketplace, you will continue to the taxes tab and go to Form 8962,Excess advance premium tax credit repayment.  Answer the questions for the form 8962, there is an option to "add a new 1095A" on the third screen.  If you did not have coverage through the marketplace, no additional healthcare information is needed, select NO to the healthcare question. (no entry of the 1095 B or C)



2018 and prior years:  If you and all of your dependents had health coverage for each month of the tax year, you will indicate this on your tax return simply by checking a box on your Form 1040.  The software will ask you about this in the interview process and will automatically check the box appropriately based on your answers.  Select the answer that applies to the individual in the Primay Information tab.

If you had healthcare coverage, select yes.

If you had insurance through the marketplace, select yes (1095A form entry is required).  Otherwise select no.

If you received a form 1095 B or C, check the box, the information will be entered in a following screen.

If you had healthcare coverage but did not receive a form 1095 B or C, check the last box that says you have coverage but did not receive a 1095 form. (Medicare recipients will check this box).  Select the months of coverage.

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